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In this video i share my cinnamon flavored cbd oil recipe. It is a simple recipe for at home use, and I feature my favorite kitchen tool the magic butter machine! You can use other kitchen gadgets to make this recipe but I just prefer less mess! I will leave the CBD oil recipe down below! feel free to comment with any questions! Happy cooking!
13 grams of decarbed CBD hemp flower per cup of oil
5 grams of raw CBD flower per cup of oil
1/2 spoon (around a full teaspoon) of All natural cinnamon

Magic butter machine
Temp 160 degrees Fahrenheit
for 4 hours

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  1. I want to make a full spectrum Cbd product. So I would like some THC in there as well. Any strain recommendations? Also is there any links or info on how to dose it (I know it depends on the strain etc).

  2. Where do you recommend I purchase this plant buds? I live in Redondo Beach, CA & trying to learn as much about making my own CBD oil tincure. With 26 grams of bud, you added 2 cups (16 oz.) of MCT oil…is any of the oil lost in the "cooking" process? Thanks for posting!

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