Hey Neddys thanks for stopping by, we made coconut oil in our last video and now we are making pure Cannabis oil. As you know marijuana is a plant that grows in various places in the Caribbean. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is known for some of the best quality marijuana because of the volcanic soil. Our daughter Lourdess has cerebral palsy, a condition that affects muscle control and movement. With this type of condition, it's likely that people who suffer from it have chronic pain. There are many ways and beliefs on how to alleviate this pain. We are not opposed to prescription medication but would prefer something more natural. After researching and trying some products in Tennessee we found that many of them are either fake, not pure, or poor quality. During Alicia and Lo's visit, we came up with the idea to make our own. Here's a short and simple video showing our process. We hope you enjoy it! Leave a comment below if you plan to try it. Thanks for watching, please feel free to share.

What do you need to make Cannabis oil at home?
Organic Marijuana 1-2 pounds, we used about 1 1/2 pounds (buds pulled from stem and dried)
Baking Pan
Double Boiler or Two Pans
Carrier Oil (coconut, avocado, olive oil,)Our recipe made 1 FULL CUP
here's our DIY coconut oil video
Cheesecloth or strainer
Glass container to store oil.

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  1. Please if anyone can help I've just been diagnosed with cancer was wondering if anyone knows if this is save to take with chemo as I start it friday and really frightened

  2. How long do you decarb the cannabis if you only use 1/8 oz of cannabis plant? Is the ratio of oil to plant the same in this case?

  3. Just curious if you would be able to give me the measurements to this recipe? Also I was told to use hemp leaves. Would that work as well or do you recommend using marijuana bud? I’d appreciate letting me know I am trying to holistically help someone that has cancer

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