People often get confused between-


This will be explained in the following video.

It will be very rare for us at Prime Spectrum to ask you to take a FULL “DROPPER” or pipette of our CBD Oil.

We prefer for you to take a certain number of “DROPS” using the required strength of CBD Oil that suits your needs.

This ensures the products last as long as possible which saves you money.

It also means the bio-availability of the product is increased. Your body can only use so much of one thing before it has to get rid of the rest. By offering the body only what it can use you increase the chances of the products helping you.

Using too much CBD may give you the desired effects you are after however, this can place unnecessary pressure on your liver and other organs, compound dehydration, and add more stress to you and your body. Not to mention the fact you have to return for more product sooner rather than later.

Let us help you pick products to suit your needs. If you are using CBD, know your dose and make sure you are getting value for your money as well as all the benefits CBD has to offer.

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