Heard of CBD tinctures but not sure what they're all about? Check out this informative video to see how to take them, and to learn a bit more about Extract Labs' many tincture options.

– Our regular strength tinctures contain ~33mg of CBD/ml, and our extra strength is ~66mg CBD/ml

– They come in 3 sizes (15ml, 30ml, 60ml) and four flavors (Lemon, Mango, Raspberry, Unflavored)

To take a tincture, you simply fill the glass dropper to the desired level and drop the liquid under your tongue. From there, just let it absorb – that's it! Normally this will take around 30 seconds to a minute.

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25 Responses

  1. You did a great job explaining the dosage. The dropper had no measurements and the bottle had no directions. It also didn’t come with any paperwork. For a first timer I had to hunt down the correct dose. Thank you.

  2. Sorry but you dont seem to know what you are talking about. First of all, look who is speaking and how high she is. Second, why would you know anything about how to use this without any medical education. Third, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know how to take a drop and put it in your mouth. 4th didn't even explain the bad effects that can occur if you use this everyday without any breaks. 5th. This is the video that I was directed to when asking a vedybseroous question about how to use CBS oil when it comes to our HEALTH, Are you serious? WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR HEALTH I THINK MORE PEOFESSIONAL ADVICE WOULD HELP ALOT MORE THAN THIS. didn't even go into detail of what risks this poses if you accidentally take too much of it. Wow people to somewhere else and give this video a thimbs down because this video is directed to simple minded individuals that just think if you take a few drops,,, your good. Nobody wants to say that a majority of hemp tinctures are a total scam. It took over 1000mg of CBd per day ! For a. Family that had a child with constant seizures for it to work. 1000mg a day ! These people dont tell you that you need much much more mg of cbd for it to actually effect your body. But dont loose hope just educate yourselves a little more because this cbd has become a very profitable business and your ignorance is what keeps putting money in their pockets. And by the way a majority of the cbd pills may be made in the U.s but the hemp seeds come from china who had horrible chemicals in their air and soil which makes these prodcuts more dangerous that you may think. Look for cbd oil that had their hemp grown in the United states organically and then you can start from there. You really think this system would just allow a wonder major drug/product that works to heal and help with so many different medical conditions ? I'm sorry but no they won't, so when you purchase these products regular retail stores know for sure that it's a scam. This come with about 500-1000mg per bottle but each dose is maybe 5 to 10mg of cbd oil !!! Hahaha that is absolutely nothing and won't help at all.

  3. Thank you! I have been literally taking drops because the dropper had no measurements. I have 1500 30ml cdb oil and have been doing it wrong! Great to see somebody doing it literally!!!

  4. I don't understand what they mean by drops. Isn't a full pinch a drop? Cos I ran out after 12 drops when there's supposed to be 200 ???? I'm definitely doing it wrong.

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