Copaiba Essential Oil comes from Brazil and has many uses, ranging from targeting areas after a workout to using it in your skincare. Our Premium Starter Kit comes with Copaiba Vitality, so be sure to watch this Facebook Live from the Young Living Training and Education team from different ways to use the oil.

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  1. I’ve always been stumped by this one. I just couldn’t find a use for it. I will be trying the Vitality version in my capsules, the way she mentioned!!! Can’t wait to try.

  2. Interesting knowing the story and the source of Copaiba EO. I happen to have it. However, I would have liked to hear a little more about the specific properties of this oil and how they contribute to our health.

  3. I've heard copaiba is supposed to be good to support wellness but I didn't know about the beta caryophylle. I did a bit of digging around and that property makes copaiba a near equivalent to CBD oil. I have been a fan of CBD oil myself but now I'm going to give copaiba a chance!

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