I TRIED CBD GUMMIES FOR A MONTH… This is what happened.


Here is where I got my Gummies: http://www.notpot.com/

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18 Responses

  1. This was a great video…ugh im so undecided between trying the gummies or oil! I ordered the oil for my dog recently for his condition so we shall see if that seems to help him <3

  2. Good and honest video, I love it! Don't be afraid of taking a higher dosage of even 100mg a day, many people fail to feel the difference because they keep taking low dosages while all the studies are run on minimum 100mg a day dosages 🙂

    You can't overdose and WHO says it safe so go crazy! 🙂

  3. Ugh I have really bad social anxiety (and anxiety in general) like to the point it became agoraphobia when I got to high school and I couldn’t finish it. I’ve been here at home mostly since late 2014. I’ve been trying to help myself get better so I can finally go back out there and have a life again, but it’s hard. There’s a CBD store in my area that recently set up shop and I think I’ll go check it out soon. The thing is all these products seem kinda pricey so if they do work for me it’ll definitely be a pain in the ass to keep buying them. Does anyone know of anything less pricey that’s CBD related that you would recommend for anxiety?

  4. my psychiatrist told me all the studies have shown you have to take at least 100mg to have any type of effect. I really like the "Easy Day" oil brand. They're made by Veterans so they're 100% CBD with no traces of thc, wont show up on a drug test or anything. the only down side to the oil is that you have to let it sit a full minute under your tongue and it doesn't taste amazing lol I'd be really interested in trying a high dose gummy! editing cause i realized i didnt give any aspect of my experience – it helps so much for insomnia, i sleep like a rock, and it really mellows out my anxiety but i never feel lethargic or anything. I love the oil, I think Charlottes Web makes peppermint flavored oil as well if the taste is an issue and higher doses!

  5. It makes me sad you dislike your job! Isn’t there something else you can do? It’s rough out there I need to get a job. It scares me to commit. Great video! I too suffer from anxiety have since I was little and no one knew what it was. I’d be physically sick and fine when I got home. Weird. Hang in. You’re beautiful!

  6. My friend loves those gummies. She takes hers at night before bed. She says it doesn’t really help with her sleep but her mind is most anxious before sleeping so that’s why she takes them before bed and she believes they do take the edge off the anxiety for her ❤️

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