Hey guys so I have been taking the CBD oil tincture for a week so as the CBD vape pen and so far loving it. My anxiety isn't there anytime I take it. If I left something out leave it in the comments and also share with me your CBD story ho has it helped you, hope this video helps someone make that purchase.
CBD Products from : CBD American Shaman of Rowlett
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  1. I was diagnosed with severe anxiety towards the end of my time in the military. THC seems to amplify it a bit so hoping CBD helps for me. I tried tinctures in the past and really didn't notice much so hoping vape works better for me.

  2. I am still looking for an effective dosage of CBD. I have read that a 300 mg dose has proven effective clinically, although lower or higher dosages are pretty ineffective outside of placebo which is what most users experience – placebo. I am not susceptible to placebo unfortunately. So far the only thing that helps have been in the diazepam-family or Ketamine. I have a high tolerance for anxiety-related-medications and no response to therapy, therefore Kava, CBD, Ashwaganda, Valerian, GABA, hops, blue lotus and even cannabis don't alleviate my anxiety. Alcohol and benzos work the best for short term relief but are obviously toxic and do not provide long-term or neuro-reparative benefits. Looking forward to Ketamine therapy becoming more main-stream and affordable.

  3. Wow your story sounds like mine.i could not figure out what was wrong with me. Until my brother told me it was anxiety he has a coworker with similar symptoms. So I literally just purchased CBD flower I was curious to know the ratio for your CBD I purchased a 21:1 ratio which means more CBD then THC I hope it helps me.

  4. Yo thanks Chuck for making the video. It was really informative and im really interested to trying cbd now! Since I was young I always had a ton of anxiety I tried going to a therapist and it was good but I want to try something else. I'm starting college soon and it gives me a TON of anxiety just thinking about it. Its hard to sleep at times. And just being in public with tons of people I start getting really bad anxiety. What kind of dose did you have in the video? I'm 5'11 and 200 pounds im not sure if that helps but I hope u could help me out!?

  5. I’m the same way where I have no problem with public speaking. I have some anxiety talking to new people and when I’m talking to girls it can be crippling. It’s so weird how I get anxiety during that but I can speak in front of a crowd no problem

  6. Que hombre más bello!! Anyways, I work at a hotel and I actually enjoy interacting with our guests and employees. My anxieties kick in when it’s a one on one and personal level. As for when driving, Using GPS spike up my anxieties even worse!!! I actually purchased some yesterday. So, hopefully it works for me!! :/

  7. Hey I'm researching CBD products right now. I will say you probably feel a difference between them because the few vape pens I've seen one puff (from a .6ml pen with 300-375mg) produces only 2mg of CBD. Whereas a doseage from a tincture could be around 10-25 depending on the tincture and the amount they recommend. So you would need more puffs to get as much mg as you do for the tincture. Thank you for posting though! I've been debating the two but it's nice to hear how quick the tincture works and lasts. I miss smoking but don't want to smoke too often for my lungs sake.

  8. I hate smoking too.. I get the worst anxiety like it makes my anxiety so much worse and I suffer from paranoia and so much more when I’m high! Literally panic attacks where I feel like my chest is caving in and I can’t breathe. So many people can’t relate but it’s just a horrible feeling. I’ve been thinking about getting a CBD oil cart but at extremely scared to test it out because I don’t know if there’s any chance it will get me high or not ???????????? don’t wanna go through that

  9. Have you experimented any trouble with your lungs while vaping the cbd? I’d like to give it a try however I’m afraid it may hurt me in the gym doing cardio & what not. Also what brand do you recommend for vaping? Thanks for the video!

  10. People like you should come out and tell other people about their experiences. It will help others to cope up with the situation. I was suffering from anxiety and I used cbd oil from https://deluxeleaf.com. I got so much relief after using it. I will recommend this to everyone. Thanks for telling your story and the review.

  11. Bro you need to inhale it properly lol then you'll feel. Btw what do you mean by "when it hits you"? What does it feel like bro? I wanna start. I don't smoke weed anymore lol. Nice vid

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