CBD oil for anxiety and panic attacks: Did it work? Watch to find out!

Mediprana CBD Oil Review

CBD oil is being touted as the next big thing, and though it's been proven to work in people with seizures, it has not yet been proven to help with any of the other claims on the bottles.

When I get anxious, I get a weird breathing issue where it feels like I can't get enough air. I've had it since I was 15 and continue to have it when I'm overly stressed or anxious. I've seen doctors and therapists and it's just the way the anxiety manifests and it's annoying, but not life-threatening in my case (if you're feeling shortness of breath, it could be a sign of something else, so get checked out before assuming it's from anxiety), but it is annoying, so I wanted to see if CBD would fix it.

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  1. Dude, you, me and my best buddy have virtually the same breathing issue. He explains his problems the same way you do. One thing I've noticed, we all have the same curvature in the back of our neck. I guarantee you its neck/muscle related. I actually went to an osteopath and thought I was legitimately being ripped off, until he moved something in my neck and felt that inner tremor/non-stop inner fight or flight anxiety stop immediately. Low and behold, I ended up being diagnosed with spinal narrowing in the c6 area. I truly believe that posture and spinal alignment has a HUGE distinction on peoples anxiety levels.

  2. So weird how each organism responds differently:
    I've used Lazarus Naturals CBD tincture around 10 times in my life. I have diagnosed depression and anxiety because I am bipolar type 2, and less than an hour after I microdose on CBD I feel the effect.

    In my case, it is a calming effect that disables my hyper-alert state (my mind is always running at speed of light). When taking it, my muscles felt like after a relaxing massage and I am simply less likely to have spikes of emotions/reactions. The effect of 2 drops lasts in me around 6 hours.

    I would like to add that it's always better to start experimenting with cbd on low dosage; if there is no visible effect, then you increase the dosage. Setting a calm and relaxing environment when waiting for the effect to appear is extremely helpful to take full advantage of the cbd.

  3. Bro when you said when i breath in but feel like i cant get enough air. This has been me for like 2 months now. Although im sure its anxiety related i kind of dont want to Believe it. CBD Oil is still illegal where i live unfortunately

  4. Hey. I know this is an 8 month old video but was wondering how things are now? My anxiety also manifests itself in that breathing thing. And it’s especially giving me problems right now given the circumstances of the world.

  5. Hey brother; rather than the CBD oil, I was told to buy tweedle farm's smokable 'special sauce' strain of hemp flower to stop my anxiety. 7 grams later i've had NO relief. Tweedle farms then told me that, of all the components that make up a CBD product, that i needed to focus on a particular 'terpine' that is specific for anxiety. Does the product you purchased have any of this particular terpine in it? Also, tweedle said they couldn't legally talk to me about it but they did suggest i watch some youtube reviews and that is why i'm here. Can you please help me out over here? Have you found another product that does actually stop our issues? thanks man.

  6. Maybe you just have to be a little more consistent.. 5 days? I don’t think that’s enough time for you to fully process the CBD into you’re system? I’ve been on it for almost a year, and it took about 3 weeks to really see the benefits! Good luck! Hope this helps man..

  7. Weird question do you have acid reflux or silent reflux? I have anxiety and I have this breathing thing but since i started natural acid reflux relief it has eliminated it completely but my esophagus is also scarred up from silent reflux just a thought?

  8. My friend, couple CBD dosing with some Transcendental Meditation!!!???? And a suggestion!!! Try "Natures Nutrients" CBD!!! It's on the net! It's cold pressed! No chemicals used in the extraction process!! No carrier oils are added and its unfiltered! It is a full spectrum CBD!!! It's the purest I could find and I've used 9 different CBD oils in 2 and a half years!!

  9. Hi I have a question for you I have severe PTSD and anxiety and depression and sleep disease and high blood pressure and high cholesterol what can work for me please let me know

  10. Very biased. Did not use it long enough assuming you researched the product and it was third-party tested. Open your mind a bit and perhaps your breathing will improve along with your overall coherency. Yes try meditation also.

  11. Im 30 and have had anxiety since i was 14. I get the same shortness of breath but goes away until i have an attack. Ive tried cbd and does not seem to help, i went to the doc and he prescribed me to zoloft, i took it 2 days and stopped because it made it worse, anything that makes me feel different gives me anxiety.

  12. I take CBD for anxiety. Mind you, I don't have shortness or breath or chest pain, but when I started taking it, I wasn't constantly asking myself "Am i anxious? Can I feel it?" You have to just let it happen. It may be working in different ways that you don't realize. I have a huge issue with being self-conscious and it really helped me with that. I would say my anxiety is 98% better. Also, how many mg do you take? I take about 1 mg THC and 26.00 mg CBD.

  13. When my anxiety gets too bad, I like putting cold water on my face and while doing so I smile and tell myself that I accept me the way I am. It’s always better to do this before the attack is full blown active.

  14. CBD oil is the biggest Croc of placebo effect bullshit … I could fill up one of these cartridges with cum and tell dudes it cures ass itch and they would smoke the shit

  15. I also deal with this shortness of breath due to anxiety. It feels like my throat and chest are tightening. I often feel like it’s hard to take productive breaths. Today is my first day on CBD, so let’s see if it works!

  16. Found this video through a google search about CBD and just wanted to say that I REALLY like your vlogging style which is saying something because I despise 99% of vloggers. I think this is your calling dude. You just seem super chill and down to earth which is ironic considering the subject matter. Haha

  17. Your the first person I’ve ran into that mentioned that right chest feeling. I get that once in a while and I hate it. But I find comfort in knowing it wasn’t all in my head. I like how you said you feel like your not getting enough air but you know you are. That’s exactly how I feel at times and I always freak myself out. But wasn’t sure if it’s part of anxiety . Thanks for being open about that

  18. I’ve been having that same breathing issue where I can’t take a deep breath most of the time, and when I can’t, i need to yawn it out otherwise If I try to stop myself, i feel like I’m suffocating in my chest like I’m holding my breath! No physical issue just this issue for the past 2 years! Have you tried buteyko breathing program? I go to a buteyko teacher 2 weeks from now for 5 straight days and I’m hoping it will help! How has your breathing been?

  19. I’ve had anxiety for about a month and I’ve had a 400mg cbd vape for 2 days and my Tight chest has gone and my breathing,
    Caffeine is by far the worst thing for anxiety in my perspective so I’ve cut out caffeine drinks and that’s also helped, great vid????????

  20. Hi mate
    I’m surprised
    It’s my issue as well
    With Cbd oil
    You must be careful what your getting
    Some don’t even have Cbd in it
    As for me
    I tried it
    Did it work
    I don’t think so just tired
    Only two things worked for me
    Tramadol is great
    Safron is good after using it for a while
    And kratom works
    One thing I noticed is when I play sport
    It helped
    I also suggest keeping asma spray with
    My doctor said good idea
    But not to over use it
    For me
    Tramadol or kratom and Safron
    I was my own doctor
    And I don’t waist my time with therapist
    All she said was I fear death
    Go swim get some sun
    What ever you fear
    Face it
    You will be surprised
    And I forgot to mention
    Probiatic for gut health

  21. Nice video man, 1st time on your channel but very good vibs. And i see you post about Suicide prevention! man, remember you are not alone, and you a reloved <3 Keep on working and stay on the positive vibes side<3
    Regarding CBD, yeah man, it is a life savior for me ( my addiction) and my girlfriend, she has HUGE anxiety and this helps her a lot!
    Honnestly, CBD is the best thing that happened to this world since a long time !! and it is a plant ^^
    Mediprana seems nice, but they don't have flowers and we smoke lot of flowers ^^ i go mostly on plantandhemp, they have flowers and lot of brand for oil, and the one i use is very good.

    Anyways, thanks for your smile, and your positive attitude, share the love man!!

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