In this video: I try CBD (Cannabidiol) for a week to see if I feel any different, if it helps with my sleep, anxiety or overall health!

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  2. I can tell from your personality type you would greatly appreciate the theraputic effects from psilociblin. Im not sure if they are used in conjuction with therapistspsychologists in the Netherlands yet. Im hopefully participating with Kings College London on its treatment for depressive symptoms in the near future.

  3. Very nice and sweet ti hear about that! I wish I can find someone! I'm high functioning autistic and I'm all alone with no job or any friends or a girlfriend to go to and I'm being yelled at at home! Wish I can pack up and go! 🙁

  4. ❤️❤️❤️❤️more swarovski jewelries tutorial… u use to do them????????dont stop ..
    But i still like all of ur content especially the advices????????

  5. I take CBD oil, high potency in liquid form for my serious anxiety and social anxiety. It’s from the company Lazarus Naturals. The only way you can get it is from online and it is legit. Even my psychiatrist approves of it. They are a great company and provide 40% off for veterans and for people with medical conditions as long as you can prove your condition via some paper work from a doctor or what not. I can attest that it works. This particular CBD oil is in the purest form you can get with .03 % THC which is the chemical in marijuana that gets you high. It has to be that percentage or less in order for it to be legal. Unfortunately you can’t make it totally pure for some reason legally in most of the U.S. which is where a I reside in Virginia. They are expensive though. One bottle is $200. Yet again, if you can prove you are a military family member or a veteran yourself or have a medical condition you get a significant cut in the price. I would suggest you look into it if you are serious. The stuff you get over the counter is not good enough. Not potent nor as pure as you can get it. Perhaps that is why it didn’t really work for you.

  6. I think the placebo effect from the CBD made you feel better, but it is not worth it for 30 euros. I do wish you much peace 🙂 Hey, just got your "no angel" t-shirt with the classical design and I love the feel of the fabric and the print! It's classy. Thank you for all you do. Keep on being you.
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