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Since its been close to 2 years that I've been using CBD on a regular basis I wanted to share an updated review on my favorite CBD Products. Lately I've been feeling so much better, and more consistently. I use the oil daily and its made such a difference in my quality of life. I hope you found this video helpful and please comment if you have any questions, I will do my best to answer.

xx Tina K

here is the link to the CBDhttp://bit.ly/38RCIoc
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September 8th 2020 the code goes back to “Tina20”


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  1. Ive had anxieties for 15 years now. I just checked out the website and there so many products. I want to try this out but I dont even know what I should buy at first.

  2. I can’t wait for my cookies to come in! Can you please share your shake recipe? I was thinking of getting the drops but I don’t drink coffee so I wasn’t sure what to put it in. I’ll definitely be drinking a lot more decaf tea as it gets colder so I can add it to my tea in the colder months! BTW your eye makeup is fire!!! Love your look in this video!!

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