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  1. Not every bud flower is the same that is why all the tests are inconsistent because they are probably using a bunch of different strains that are tested at different THC & CBD percentages! I was rooting for your channel but ashamed to see you are putting a bad name towards CBD when the long term affects are unknown it is because nobody has died from cannabis! Yet it is so quick to find out side effects of pharmaceuticals because they effect the body so quickly, I jus had a friend overdose from prescribed medication! The government wants us to think what is good for us bad and what is bad for us is good!

  2. Anyone who say CBD is bad is telling a lie. Our ancestors smoked CBD and various version. Our ancestors were able to make different blends of it. We can easily say certain foods are dangerous, walking outside is dangerous cause of sun and the sun is natural. ????There is negative studies for every single thing. CBD cured my migraines, over eating, muscle pains and brain fog. All my test results improved and I even saw my skin got alot better, even looking younger. CBD does give you enough of everything and I am proof. I smoke twice a day. People even ask me how am I looking younger, glowing so much…etc. I tell them CBD!

  3. Why does The FDA miss so many other dangerous drugs? You know the ones that you see the. Attorney commercials, offering to help you fight the makers of the drug after family/friends death or health damage? So I'm not certain the FDA having greater control of our options is really going to make Us safer. Remember they are trying to make Vitamins illegal without a script. Look into the facts folks and of course be safe and careful before you use anything. I can assure you that a psychiatrist has the ability and does write scripts of poison on a daily basis . All approved by The FDA.

  4. I have schizophrenia and I just got off my meds cause I think I can handle being off them now I just hope one day there’s a better medication or hopefully cbd could be an alternative if I experience any symptoms I’m going to get back on my meds but ima see how this goes

  5. I found it has helped me with anxiety/depression. It's like i have more willpower in the decisions i make. I'm alert even. There are things i still have to deal with; it's still been a game changer for me. I understand it is a hit & miss treatment perhaps.

  6. Dr Tracey, I had contacted you almost 2 years ago…..mentioning how CBD had benefited both of my severely challenged adult children!!!! since then i have an interview on YOUTUBE called "Is CBD being suppressed" Folks listen to how critical my children are and listen to the miracle CBD provided them!!!!!!! My son is rapid cycling bipolar & my daughter has ALS 2 (which we didnt know when i was interviewed) and she also suffers with schizophrenia! Talk about someone paying dues that they dont owe!!! Where a quality CBD is concerned…"NATURES NUTRIENTS" CBD…. is cold pressed and put in the bottle!!! No chemicals used in the extraction process! other companies are using alchohol or ethanal and one other chemical in the extraction process!! Other companies are adding carrier or filler oils!? Natures Nutrients does not!!! And they are filtering thier CBD?! Natures Nutrients does not!!! Its a full spectrum CBD!! Its as pure as you can find!! AND…..the standard 2oz bottle is $60 including shipping!!! There are CBD oils of the same quality out there but they are generally near to double in cost!!!!! Ive done the homework because i dont want my children having second best!! Take advantage of my efforts!!!! Natures Nutrients…410-820-7700 PEACE!!!

  7. Whitney has been taking on average 100 mg of cbd oil a day since December. She just got her blood work done and her liver levels are fine. This is because Whitney buys good quality CBD that doesn't contain heavy metals from trusted sources and not gas stations.

    Be like Whitney.

  8. cbd causes liver damage? the heck.. can u provide a study?.. im guessing you never heard of charlotte? the little girl who's life was saved by cbd. their are so many different people who suffered seizures almost costing their life that had been test dummy's for pharmaceutical companies that when turned to cbd allowed them to reclaim their lives.. have you seen all the great things cbd is doing for veterans with ptsd?.. what about all the study's out of jerusalem since the 80s?.. cbd causes liver damage… ok "dr"

  9. Hi there, I recently watched a video on youtube "Borderline woman as dissociative secondary psychopath" I found it to be very interesting yet because it's one person's hypothesis about borderline or cluster b personality disorders i was wondering what you would think about the validity of this doctors point of view. And if you would consider discussing this topic for your future videos? I hope this finds you well, thankyou

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