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  1. 10 years ago you had a 50% chance or better of finding "mid" or "reggie" in Alabama. Now even bunk weed in Alabama is what I would consider "loud" 10 years ago. The culture/community/hobby/industry has become so smart and sophisticated. Even keif or shake is solid now.

  2. Texas has like NOOOOO Reggie anymore. I’m 20 min south of Dallas and it’s HARD to find. Everything is dro. I’ve picked up some D8 from a couple places and I love it. I have bad anxiety and I’m getting off Zoloft with D8. Helps with the Zoloft withdrawals

  3. Reggie was "regular" weed decades ago. Nothing wrong with it gets you good and stoned but it was mexican brick weed. That's all we had in tx when I graduate h.s. Occasionally you got some that wasnt compressed or that was grown here that wasn't reg and twice the price

  4. be fair the quality of press pot from the border has also went WAYUP.. but still u have to know right people and it's harder to find..but real pretty green press will come in at 15 or 18 that's tops however..but I've always wanted our green Kentucky pot..which in the 80s was considered best u cld get pretty much..and still do

  5. Reggie is all over the damn place in ky 30 to 50 a 1/4 loud bud ranges 10 to 20..I'll pay for the 20 every time tho cause its priced how it looks smells and feels to the touch. Lots of people paying 50 a Quaker for press mex

  6. I dab on the daily and just grabbed me some delta 8 carts this previous weekend. Theyre pretty damn good dude i thought theyd suck. They dont get you super baked but they will keep you high and relaxed as fuuuck. Trying hard not to relax too much and fall asleep on my roller at work lmao. D8 is definately like the reggie of thc variants. Cbd doesmt have a psychoactive effect at all so anyone saying that gets them baked is lying unless the thc is high.
    D8 and cbd have the usual medical benefits.

  7. You way to young for Reggie. Hahahaha that Mexican brick has been gone for a long time. The Reggie now is just bullshit quality. Man, get your descriptions right. Reggie? Hahah

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