Lazarus Naturals CBD review. Plus I sent it to a lab to see if it's real CBD. I have no affiliation with this company and I paid the lab directly.

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  1. Your channel and site have to be the best out there. Your transparency, the education, EVERYTHING. I learned more from you than hours on hours of my own research trying to dig through the junk and paid promos. Not only that, I was able to use your code on Lazarus’ 6000mg bottle for $102 with free shipping. That’s $0.017/mg. I hope your channel and site take off, my man. You are more than deserving. Keep up this incredible work.

  2. 1st time CBD (haven’t had THC in 23? yrs) Took .5mL Laz. CBD & applied the lavendar balm 2 hrs ago & can’t say I felt anything w/ the tincture. Dose obviously too low. Might be feeling some pain relief from the balm tho! Mid/lower back pain & possible gallbladder or kidney flank pain. The lavender scent is so calming! Their new acct leave email for discount link wasn’t working when I tried, so I googled for one & saw onetime20 on retailmenot .com. Saved 20%! Been wanting to try since it hit the shelves. Too nervous to enter a green shop. Now I’ll have more confidence.

  3. I’m new to this & want to try their brand out for pain and anxiety, I’m 17 I weigh about 110 which one do you recommend me taking? Do I start with very little thc in it? Do I start with the topicals first?

  4. Your affiliate link took me to a website called I don't know if I can trust this website, especially with my health. Trusting my health from a third party website is really hard for me to do, especially not knowing anything from you about this website. Maybe you could calm me down with a few good words of why you trust directcbdonline. How can we know our cbd will be legit? Thanks in advanced!

  5. I just found this company and they offer 60% off for veterans. I have been wanting to try it for a while and am finally going to buy some. I really hope that I will benefit from it.

  6. I started taking Lazarus Naturals CBD high
    potency. The Mocha one. I had a long movie like dream So VIVID and 5G 5D that I was scrolling thru my head to read the comments of my dream. I woke up looking out the window because in my dream I was stranded in a lower level of a war underwater submarine ship in the middle of Atlantic Ocean ???? ????

  7. I’m self employed and I live in LA I don’t have to worry about drug test or amount of thc. Which CBD would you recommend for insomnia and anxiety?

  8. I qualified for veteran discount after they verified information. Shipping was pretty fast considering covid shipping delays I've experienced with other online orders. Just started taking so to early to determine effectiveness.

  9. In January my herniated discs were keeping me stuck in bed, and I started taking way too many pain relievers and acetaminophen and still couldn’t get as much relief as I needed to function. I turned to my local CBD shop, and went with Lazarus solely because of other reviews online. It absolutely made me a believer in the product, and I even went back for a larger bottle with a higher potency. I haven’t needed it since I had a surgical injection in February. But I was recently inspired to go buy some more to have on hand in case I ever need it again. I think I’ll be doing that soon!

  10. been using lazarus for anxiety for a while now and enjoying it. thought to check out some other brands and reviews to see if i was missing out on anything, but this vid confirms that lazarus really is the best out there and most respectable company. highly recommended!

  11. Thank you for sharing your information- my son got me using Lazarus about a year ago -it’s great, I take 750 during the day & at night I take gummy and get the best rest ever – so now I order direct to my house as well As I order to be sent to my sons 🙂
    Peace ????

  12. Thanks for the report.

    I've tried a few brands out with varying levels of success, but have yet to try a full spectrum. Bit the bullet and decided to order a 6000mg high potency bottle from Lazarus. Looking forward to comparing it to tinctures I've tried so far.

  13. Great analysis. Been using Lazarus for years. Best CBD out there highly recommended. I get the 3,000 milligram bottle for $44 with the discount. Their whole premise as a company is to make CBD affordable for everyone. They also have free shipping on their website that’s been very fast for me. I’m Just a customer of theirs and want to promote them because they are the best. Can’t recommend them enough.

  14. Best review I've seen! Been curious about CBD and ordered this product earlier today. Will give it a go and see if it helps with anxiety and sleep issues. Thanks for the in depth review and hopefully confirming my research! Keep it up!

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