Before Jennings Brower leaves on a strong bike ride with his brother and dad, he eats some Sugar and Kush CBD gummy bears and shared the video with us. Our CBD 750mg gummies have 25mgs of CBD in each gummy and they are super easy for when you are on the go.

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Jennings Brower

What is good everybody! It is your friend Jennings here talking about, my Sugar and Kush CBD gummies. They have 25 mugs of CBD per gummy and I think the serving size is just one CBD gummy bear. Yes, I made a post about this the other day. Take 1 or 2 dummies daily. They are really really great. I actually like to take these in between workouts, or even before a workout. My dad, my brother and I are about to go for a bike ride, so take 1. Right now, I am going to take a red one. I think the red, the green and the orange are my favorite. They are super good, they are delicious. They look just like this. If you guys want to use, all caps, JENNINGS15, at, you will get 15% off. If you are candy person, or you are not a candy person, they are not overly sweet in any way shape or form. They are low-sugar so, super phenomenal. Check it out. Put in JENNINGS15 for 15% off. I hope you guys have an amazing rest of your day. Use this!

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