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0:00:00 – Opening

0:02:16 – Mitch Aguiar. SEAL. MMA Fighter.

2:07:44 – Final thoughts and take-aways.

2:11:00 – Support: How to stay on THE PATH.
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2:38:21 – Closing Gratitude


47 Responses

  1. This guy is real and has great insight, but he seems to have a negative mindset. I don’t blame him after his experiences, but I’m thrown off hearing a seal refer to everything he does as a job that sucks.

  2. Yeaaa I definitely didn’t feel like their energies completely matched at times. In particular in the beginning and at the end. The middle ground they seemed to have pretty good flow, aside from the bump in the road about being asked about the IEDs, you can tell that resurfaced some bad memories for Mitch.

    I think the difference is mainly is that Mitch probably Loved being a SEAL just as much as Jocko did, but it doesn’t absorb all aspects of his life especially not after being out, whereas Jocko even though he’s retired he is still hard wired in his day to day life as a Navy SEAL.

  3. So I strictly listen to this podcast (and many others) on Apple Podcast, but I caught the bit at the end where Echo mentions that Mitch is the biggest guest they’ve ever had on the show. And Mitch says Echo is pretty jacked himself. Curiously I found this episode since Jocko low key inserted “if you wanna see what Mitch looks like” (or this could have been in the SOG podcast I can’t recall) “check out the video on YouTube” …so hear I am! And all I can say is HOLY SHIT ECHO IS JACKED!!! I thought he was this tall scrawny white kid that can scrap for idk how many episodes I’ve listened to and I was SOOOO wrong.

    PS. The second episode that I ever listened to (of this podcast) I was scrolling through the episodes, looking for another episode with Echo because the back and forth with “what if’s” and scenarios of how would you handle something was so good I was trying to hear something like that again. Little to my surprise, he’s in all of them! So I’m apart of the 1% that listens till the very end because “Factually” it’s one of the best parts of each show. Haha

  4. Btw, congrats Mitch on knocking your opponent out in the rematch. Shall we see a trilogy down the road?😀

    Fyi,Anyone with the footage of the rematch please upload it or let me know. Would appreciate it.

  5. I'm a Senior Chief in the Navy , still active and listening to this guys made wish I had done it back in the days, Jocko is a beast and a true American hero, Mitch is also a beast and my hat off to him, but what really gets me is what a humble man he is and I have to also add his sense of humor combined with his down to earth personality is awesome.

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