Looking for a CBD company that’s rooted in nature?

JustCBD believes that CBD is one of nature’s best-kept secrets. But when the company’s founders looked around at the CBD industry, they found that it wasn’t representative of hemp itself. That’s why they started JustCBD in 2017 – they wanted to bring honesty back to the industry. JustCBD CBD flower is a means to that end: premium hemp buds that exhibit CBD the way nature intended. Here is our JustCBD Flower review.

Why JustCBD makes CBD Flower

Before the founders of JustCBD decided they wanted to harvest their own CBD flower, they noticed a few specific traits in the CBD industry that they didn’t like.

First, it’s difficult to even find companies that sell CBD flower. Many CBD companies instead focused instead on creating extracts, tinctures, and edibles. And even when they discovered someone who sold CBD flower, it wasn’t the premium hemp buds they were looking for.

Instead, they found that the industry standard seemed to involve using leftover trim and shake for hemp flower. This is especially true when with pre-rolled joints – they’re almost always made of CBD flower that didn’t make the cut. The end result was a CBD flower industry rapidly transforming into a race to the bottom.

JustCBD knew we had to do something.

Using High-Grade Hemp CBD Flower to Help Humanity

They started off by cultivating some of the best strains of CBD flower that they could find. JustCBD picked three flavors – Hawaiian Haze, BaOx, and JustCBD Kush – that they thought perfectly encapsulated the natural tones of hemp flower. 

In addition, they sourced all CBD flower from US-based farmers. JustCBD is proud to support American hemp farmers: reliable, knowledgeable, and resourceful growers who can navigate the complex web of state and federal laws surrounding hemp cultivation.

But securing high-grade hemp wasn’t JustCBD’s only priority.

They also wanted to make their CBD flower portable and easy to use. Rolling your own CBD flower joints can be a hassle. On top of that, carrying around a jar of hemp and a stack of rolling papers isn’t exactly the most streamlined way to travel.

So, JustCBD got rid of the middleman and did the rolling themselves. They took a gram of CBD flower and twisted it up into a convenient, portable package. They’re easy to stash in a pocket or purse and come in a rigid box to prevent crushing. Each pre-rolled hemp flower contains 100 milligrams of CBD, making them perfect to share or smoke in more than one sitting.

More than Just CBD Flower

Every company is more than its product line. To truly stand out, a CBD producer also needs great customer service.

That’s why JustCBD partnered with us at DirectCBD. We offer customers free shipping and 30-day returns on JustCBD’s CBD flower. It’s one more way for JustCBD to open a dialog with customers so they can experience one of nature’s best-kept secrets: hemp.

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