In this video, we give you a full review on the JustCBD Gummies, specifically the peach rings flavor. CBD gummies have been quite popular for many users as they're an easy way to get your desired CBD dosage quickly. On top of that, they're pretty tasty as well.

However, not all CBD gummies are created equally, and not may provide that quality you're looking for. In our JustCBD Gummies Review, we let you know if it's indeed one of the best available today, and cover all the pros and cons you need to know before you buy.

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18 Responses

  1. I wonder if cbd was the thing that actually took away anxiety and not thc. I have lately been having trouble sleeping and I was just like that’s it I’m sick of this and the only thing that helps is ???? but I don’t have a M card or a plug so I decided to look up cbd gummies online and found this site. I got the blue raspberry rings over the sour bears but I can’t wait to try em.

  2. Thank you for really talk about it. Everyone else did really explain they just eat it and said nothing informative. I take charlottesweb cbd oil. i just got the gummy bears from justcbd we will see how this goes.

  3. I got the blue raspberry version of these. I tried one gummie and I was slurring my words bc so relaxed. I was super zenned out. Numbed out any pain I had. Helped my anxiety. Made my third eye chakra slightly tingle. Made me wanna sleep. I used this for replacement for the CBD oil bc they're more potent and noticeable. I use it for my anxiety and ADHD. Every time I chew down kn the gummy I sallow the CBD juice and after noticing more of how it helps me. When I would sallow I could feel the CBD go throughout my body. I had the 17mg ones. I split them up in half, have that half in the morning. The other half I cut again and have 1 piece in the afternoon and the other half before bed. In my opinion these gummies are better than the oil.

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