Common bile duct (CBD) injury is the most serious complication of laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Recently, laparoscopic techniques have been used in the management of postoperative bile leak and CBD injury. In this video, We have demonstrated a method of repair on CBD injury, the approach to its diagnosis and management, and reports of laparoscopic management techniques. We combined this video with our experience in laparoscopic methods to highlight diagnostic and therapeutic options. Laparoscopic techniques can be used to prevent, diagnose and treat CBD injuries. Intraoperatively, CBD injury can be prevented in the case of short cystic duct with the use of a loop ligature or transfixing suture, and it can be diagnosed using intraoperative cholangiography or other visualization techniques or by ICG.


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  1. Dear sir,
    Vertical T limbs were too long even for open surgery. It would have been easier to place a T tube with shorter limbs. Did you perform MRCP prior to Lap repair?

  2. Thank you sir very much …sir I want to know if CBD is transected at the level of cystic duct completely …and recognised during it possible to repair with t tube if CBD diameter allows to do..and in that case from where I put the t tube through the anastomosis or in another whole distal to transection?thank you

  3. Sir on 18th September 2019 lap converted in open surgery has been by aiims patna doctor of my mother she is 40 year and also HBSAG reaction with liral lode 4200 per copies .During surgery CBD INJURY and doctor REPAIR and put T tube when after 6 week she went to CHOLANGEOGRAM test after test she lost conscious about 30 minutes then l admitted her in aiims .but DOCTOR NOT remove the T tude and clamp the tube for 1 week .if there are not any complaints then i remove it.
    Sir is there are any chance to srink CBD IF yes what should we done for prevention.
    Please sir give me reply.

  4. Hellow sir,
    Excellent surgery and demonstration.
    I have a question.
    CBD exploration for Stone (CBD diameter >10mm),
    Can we do the primary closure of CBD avoiding T tube?

  5. Amazing as usual sir… for how long will you leave T-tube ?
    And is there any risk during removal of the tube of leaving hole in the CBD ?
    Thanks sir

  6. Good Evening Sir till now i have not come across CBD injury. This video was helpful and it very much clear good laparoscopic surgeon should know extracorporeal and intracorporeal knot tying.coz if i would have not been taught i would have open the abdomen of patient causing more harm . Thank you Sir.

  7. Dr. Mishra your videos are very informative. my gallbladder removed 15 days ago. I had gone through your videos. You explain everything in a very easy way. It increases confidence of patient. Really thanks a lot Doctor.

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