Lazarus Naturals 225mg CBD Tincture Review


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  1. I started taking Lazarus Naturals CBD high
    potency. The Mocha one. I had a long movie like dream So VIVID and 5G 5D that I was scrolling thru my head to read the comments of my dream. I woke up looking out the window because in my dream I was stranded in a lower level of a war underwater submarine ship in the middle of Atlantic Ocean

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  3. Lazarus is great They have great prices awesome product And works great Their customer service is awesome and delivery is fast. I order regularly from them and they r awesome

  4. I’ve been using the High Potency Full Spectum CBD oil by Lazarus. Wow.. my anxiety is at an all time low, my back pain is almost nonexistent, and I can sleep much better! I’m super impressed by CBD oil! Thank you for the video!!

  5. My friend just gave me 2 bottles of Lazarus Naturals 750mg bottle. She works for this company here in Portland. I haven’t tried it yet cuz I was looking up the best ways to take it and saw this vid. Ha. Good stuff man, thanks for the review!!

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