In this quick video where my nose is stuffy and I'm chronically interrupted by well meaning family members I'll be showing you how crazy easy it is to make a C B D tincture out of hemp buds!


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  1. I've been teaching my young friends with the same attitude. I am so grateful to find you. I am copying the link to this video right now for a friend of mine who suffers from anxiety and is so tired of people telling them it's the wrong strain of THC yada yada yada

  2. I did this once with pot and I had the oven on 175 for 30 minutes and it over dried it, almost burnt it, but it was about 1 /8 of what you had there on your wonderful view, so now I am nervous ti that again. What other suggestions would you have for me? I like the ideal using vegetable glycerin. Would a almond oil work as well? Of course, why not! LOL.

    Thank you for your great ideas and added info and for speaking right out. I really appreciate that.

  3. I noticed that you did not break up the buds before you decarbed it? So you leave the buds whole and then decarb, then break it up in the jar? I am so hooked on this channel!

  4. thank you american sister, your videos are very useful. I started watching them just to make sure i wasnt forgetting anything but i almost always learn something new! Really enjoy your work! Always thrilled to see how similar our plantlife is, here, in southern Quebec. THANK YOU for the information about THCa and THC it is really important that everyone understands that! Way to go!!!!!!

  5. Thanks for showing us how to do this! I love your videos and am learning so much from you! I've been buying CBD oil and use it on a regular basis and I would like to make my own but am not sure which strain or type of hemp the one I like is made from. I know different strains work differently. Can you recommend a particular one? Any advice is appreciated!

  6. I'm assuming that you can use vegetable glycerin being that I've been vegan for 55 years? I love this video because it is empowering and I can't afford to buy people's little bottles for hundreds of dollars. Also how does it work in combination with the wild lettuce? I have the most severe pain issues and it's stopping me from living and that's just not me I've been the busiest person my whole life and I'm so far from being done. Unless I get really depressed from it and then I just wish I was done but meanwhile I want to try and make things better.

  7. April you are amazing. Like a walking book of knowledge. Anyone who gets to spend time working with you and learning out in the field with you should feel very blessed. You look so much like my daughter. She disappeared in Oregon. I want to try to come find her next year it would be awesome to meet you. I'm a disabled veteran who struggles with so many health issues. But I bet you could point me to the right stuff so I could dump pills they give me. I no your no a doctor. But your so knowledgeable about stuff I'm trying to learn. Bless you.

  8. Thank you so much for this video and the others. I wanted to ask if you think it would be OK to replace glycerin with honey elixir style and how would you think that would effect the end product? I feel like I am sensitive to glycerin and I would rather skip if if I can. Thank you for helping me understand the difference.

  9. I love your videos. Just have a question about the vodka proof, did you use 100% alcohol proof with dry material? How does it work 50:50 as the plant material has lost the water contente? Is that related to the glycerin? I would appreciate your help to understand that. Thank you ????

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