If you love CBD flower, it is important to be on the lookout for the best hemp flower available. That’s because many brands in today’s CBD market leaves you wanting more. The majority of CBD flower available today isn’t the high-grade hemp you’re looking for. For many producers, CBD flower is an afterthought and they use leftover trimmings. It plays backup for their premium products like CBD oils or vapes. Here is our Loot CBD Flower review.

But now, you can stop looking.

Loot CBD recognizes the severe lack of quality hemp buds available. That’s why they focus all of their energy on developing the finest designer CBD flower on the market.

Why Loot CBD Flower?

What sets Loot’s premium CBD flower apart from everyone else’s?

Loot has identified three major variables that determine the quality of CBD flower:

  1. sourcing
  2. processing
  3. packaging

When a company can excel in these three categories, their hemp flower is noticeably better than their competition.

So, that’s what they did.

First, they had to lock down the best hemp flower. To do that, they contacted hemp farmers who utilized advanced agricultural techniques. Without cutting-edge methods and technology, a farmer can’t put out the quality CBD flower that today’s consumer demands.

Sourcing, Processing, and Packaging

But that’s not the only thing that goes into sourcing.

Hemp farmers also need peerless genetics. There’s a sea of strains out there, and to survive a company needs genetics that are a cut above their competitors. As a result, Loot sourced ten of the best strains that their farmers had to offer. With flavors ranging from the sour apple and citrus tones of Loot’s Sour Space Candy to the funky aromas of their Lifter CBD flower, there’s a titillating taste for any palate.

With that, Loot had sourcing down. Next up, processing.

The first thing Loot does when we get our designer CBD from their farmers is to cure it. This helps ensure that the flavor of their CBD flower really pops. Once it’s cured, they meticulously trim every single bud before it hits the shelves. It can take some time, but Loot believes that bud presentation is an important aspect of the CBD flower experience.

That brings us to packaging.

Loot also included some unique storage techniques for their CBD flower. They inject nitrogen into each can of Loot CBD flower to ensure its freshness. In fact, each container of their hemp flower is good for three years. That way, Loot ensures their clientele gets the same quality every time they open a jar

The Verdict

Loot’s designer hemp flower provides an unrivaled CBD experience without any risk of getting high. They ship directly to your door in every state where it is permissible. They also offer third-party lab tests detailing the entire chemical breakdown of their CBD flower on our website. Regardless of whether you’re a connoisseur looking for the highest-grade CBD flower or a newbie seeking the best hemp buds to dip your feet in, trust Loot.

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