Hello everyone we are back with another tincture video using the #magicalbuttermachine #magicbutter #tincture #hemp #cbd #cbdtincture #magicalbutter #stampmom9 #9farms


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  1. I’ve just had my machine delivered and I’m going to make tincture, Is it safe heating up vodka to that temperature I’m a little bit nervous??? Please help

  2. Thank you so much for being a Farm that shares knowledge. I followed your hemp oil tincture recipe. My son n law says not a tincture, that it’s a cooking oil. Can I take orally to digest for pain relief and help to sleep? Thank you.

  3. I’ve had my machine for a few years. Made about 4 batches of oil. I can’t get it as strong as what I buy at the dispensary. I need large amounts of THC to reduce pain. The oil is wonderful in a warm bath with Epsom salts

  4. Great video, i just got a magic butter machine myself and I am making my own medicine now. Always looking for recipe's and refining my techinique. What is the beep that goes off every few minutes in the video, it reminds me of when i need to change my fire detector batteries…lol just my baked thoughts while i watch, cheers

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