Dr. Roman reviews a Pennsylvania dispensary's marijuana product in this 360 virtual reality! (compatible with google cardboard/VR headsets )
In this review, the marijuana doctor personally medicates (Pennsylvania MMJ Card holder as well as PA and DE marijuana doctor since 2015) a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC in a tincture. Enjoy his commentary and learn about marijuana products in this hands-on experience from the comfort of your own home. Subscribe to the channel to know when new videos come out like this in the future!

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26 Responses

  1. This jackass appears to be stoned before he did this clip. He's probably been toking up all morning, FUNNY HOW HE HAS GOT MORE THUMBS DOWN THAN UP AND I JUST GAVE HIM ANOTHER ONE

  2. If you knew about spray tinctures they are generally sublingual where they absorb into the bloodstream quicker. Spray it, shut your mouth and quit talking. If you use it the way intended you don’t have to let it go through your digestive system and go through the liver before you feel it. I would think you would do your research.

  3. I'd really like you as my doctor, but at the same time I don't. I want some old grizzled SOB who's seen some shit…… like some tribal shaman who could cure cancer with a karate chop to the pancreas and a huffing of peyote in the face. CBD's OK too though.

  4. CBD does work for disorders like turrets syndrome , anxiety and I’m sure many others along with thc obviously and The longer it’s under your tongue the faster it works

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