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  2. I wouldn't say we are ignoring the football structure, but we won't be able to change it with immediate effect, while if we get a solid manager (Conte/T Haag/Zidane) we could at least see some results with the amazing squad we have. Then while those managers reign you can slowly chip away at the Glazers foundations and all the mates rates that have been going on.

  3. You think when u Manchester lads did a protest against Liverpool a few months back and the glazers still never gave up Man utd, the structure will not change but we can change the manager

  4. My bro you're speaking facts, but the issue is for the smart viewers you're contradicting yourself because even though it's not Ole's fault, you've defended him when he didnt deserve defending. He cant fire himself but if you call yourself a big club you wouldnt make excuses for the person who is making new generations become fans of rivals of your club instead of your club

  5. Conte is the man because he doesn’t need a good club structure like Ajax has which supports Ten Hag in his job. Without that support he might be shown to mediocre. Conte is strong and self reliant. Considering how dreadful the board and structure are at United, Conte might be the only guy who can be a success with them at the helm.

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