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Hey Guys, in this video, I share a very intimate experience with you all. I wanted to share my first time smoking CBD with my loc family. If you're grown and looking for a natural and healthy way to help improve the quality of your sleep you should definitely give CBD a try. It has SEVERAL other health benefits. Hope you all enjoy!




○ How Often Should You Retwist Your Locks –
○ How to Blunt Your Stunts –
○ Resisting Temptation to Cut Your Dreadlocks –
○ How to Do An ACV Rinse-

○ Bleaching My Dreadlocks Gone Wrone –
○ How to Wash Starter Locks –
○ 1 Year Lociversary –



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  1. Thc works for me it depends on strain some make my symptoms flare up but most help calm amd relax me a couple boost energy and my mood its medicine not a drug alcohol is a drug pills you get at the pharmacy are drugs their man made and can kill you easily

  2. Cbd fucked me up my panic and anxiety attacks were terrible cbd made them worse ot was hell 3x over and the more i smoked the cbd worse it got but one strain of cbd gabe effects its birthday cake it will make you laugh that didnt make me freak out and break down balling my eyes out

  3. My sister has anxiety badly from an experience from an edible she had too much of it was a really bad moment for her every since she has battle anxiety and nightmares …..would CBD Product help with that or trigger it ?

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