How to use Young Living Stress Away oil for your health and home.

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19 Responses

  1. Thank you for these videos. Stress away is so bizarre so different than other blends. I put almost all essential oils under my nose and chin, and sort of in my nose on outside, in ish. After all, it’s where we smell.

  2. I may be late to work because of this video and that's ok. So I laughed about the stroke comment. Too funny. Then I stopped the video and went to make the defuse blend. Wiped the rim of the stress away and applied to my shoulders and cupped my hands. Felt better like that. Then the root beer float smells. Yummm. I had seen that one floating around but hadn't tried. Couldn't figure out how it would even smell like root beer, but it does. Your awesome!

  3. My new chiropractor and his wife love oils.. but you mention your jaw. He identified that I had a lot of stress in my jaw so he had done some pressure point work on it .. in 3 visits I feel awesome…

  4. Loving these individual videos. They are so helpful to refresh my brain on different ways to use my oils. Keep it up, PLEASE! Plus your just enjoyable to watch????

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