CBD is a huge trend in skincare products. CBD is being touted as an ingredient which can help prevent and heal acne, treat redness, help with sensitivities, and even help with anti aging.

CBD, aka cannabidiol, is taken from part of the hemp plant, and it is not intoxicating since it does not contain THC. CBD is different from Hemp Oil since hemp does not contain cannabidiols. Hemp oil is also great for skin care and is also showing up in skin care products everywhere.

A great article that explains in detail everything you could ever want to know about CBD, hemp, and cannabis in skincare is here:

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  1. There’s a brand of CBD moisturizer coming from Ashoka I. I haven’t gotten mine in the mail yet, but I love their fragrance free moisturizers with borage oil which is very good for diabetics with dry skin.

  2. I am SO happy to find a commentary/review on these types of products. Now, I know that they might not be "as effective" as those found at Whole Foods or a dedicated Cannabis shop if your State allows these Stores.(I live in Illinois/Chicago, and as of Jan 1, 2020, we here can use recreational marijuana, not just "Medical Grade" marijuana and of course, CBD products) . The CBD products you find in those shops are good, but again, horribly expensive! I mean 70-80-100 dollars for broad-spectrum oils, balms, even for our pets! Knowing me, (and some of you our there as well, we'd think NOTHING of dropping 80 bucks if it will help my dog or cat's arthritis, and I will wait to buy some for myself…that's how some of us that love our pets roll.)
    I bought some CBD products to help me sleep and a balm for my arthritic hands (I am 60). I just lost my husband Dec 12, just 2 months ago, and I have been dealing with grief, depression and stress, and inflammation.And It is Winter, so that cold aggravates the joints, etc. SO I ordered from Plant Therapy, which just made a CBD line of Dropper oils, various Milligrams to suit your needs. As well, a roll on, and a balm in a tin (kind of like Badger Balms). It has a lime style smell. Very pleasant. I used the balm on my hands,and after a few days, noticed that it had a slight"tingle"but not a burning type tingle (like if you used icey-hot). It was more subtle. Like you knew it was sinking in, and working! But my skin on my hands! OMG! My hands skin looks 20-30 years younger!!! The veins and softness! It lessened my blotch marks! My hands look more youthful.
    The oil I take at night and now I am getting good rest, although I still have some migraine headaches, but it's only been 2 months, so maybe I will be better later on.I will be investigating gummies and I want to get some skin cream since I saw what the CBD balm did for my hand skin. I am not a big fan of smoking weed, but I DO believe in medical marijuana working in tandem with your doctor for the diseases mentioned. For CBD, I saw what it can do, and I DO believe that hemp is God's gift to us when we NEED it, and when we use it wisely like in beauty products.

  3. Thanks for all the great info as always. You are so pretty! Would it be possible for you to review the Saint Jane Beauty Luxury CBD Beauty Serum? If not that’s okay, because it is expensive and don’t want you to waste time on one person asking for it haha. But I was considering buying it on the Sephora website because they have a mini one. Unfortunately though, they don’t have many reviews on it at all.

    Also, one more question..Iol I haven’t looked through all your videos yet so maybe you have some of your favorites up already, but I just finally subscribed so I won’t miss out now ☺️ Anyway, I was reading how CoQ10 can also be very beneficial for the skin for fine lines and produce more collagen. Is there anything you recommend for that or haven’t you found anything helpful? Or maybe even just taking Supplements for them are good as well. Anyway, I just wanted to know your thoughts on that.

    I am finally getting really serious with my skincare routine now and I think your the best to go to for advice and answers ???? I apologize hun, my comments are always so long! Lol.

    God Bless you and Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!

  4. I'm trying to find a good one to try on my face, have u ever heard of the lamb skincare I saw it on sale through fabfitfun… it didn't have alot of ingredients, but there is some brands that dont use full cbd. Some company's use the hemp oil.. it confuses alot of ppl.
    Oh I dont know if u ever saw my question about which on to pay for monthly 5 of 10. What is the difference. I dont know how else to ask u… but if u cant saw on here you can always email me caressaharbin

  5. I love the texture of that product and still have some. I just wonder bout the EGF. Family members have skin cancer. I just realized my beloved protini also has that. I’ll keep trying.

  6. I haven’t gotten into the CBD trend but is it worth someone with acne prone, combo, sensitive skin to check out? I do sometimes get irritated from my tretinoin so not sure if I should add this in. ????????

  7. I didn't even realize there were so many cbd products! I too am curious to know what the actual research is so I think I'll be doing some googling. Btw I was wondering if you've tried any of this stuff on your neck, as you mentioned it's always very sensitive and irritated, could be helpful if you haven't given it a try yet!

  8. They’re certainly the rage. I can’t tell if they do anything or not. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell when you use as many products as we do, lol. You were talking about the new Smashbox Primer Serum, then someone else mentioned the Good Molecules Silicone Free Priming Moisturizer which sounds really nice. I don’t need both and am trying to decide which to get. The Good Molecules is a lot (LOL, my auto spell wrote “sloth” for “a lot”…weird), cheaper. The whole naturally derived silicone alternative is interesting. Hmmm????.
    Thanks a bunch, girlie????????????

  9. I tried cbd oil before for pain (the kind you put under your tongue), but I think I used too much because I got super dizzy LOL. It definitely works though, at least the brand I tried – which is very reputable and made in the USA.

  10. You sure have a lot of great ideas on skincare. I tried PC and FAB and Josie maran. PC goes on nice but does leave greasy film on me. Maybe I used to much. I always struggle with quantity… Josie and FAB were both hydrating feeling but I didn’t notice reduction in redness much. I only used PC last night and this am so will try again. It was expensive so I have high expectations. ????

  11. I am currently using saintjane beauty they sent me some goodies i have there cbd oil for the face but they sent me there lippies to try i really like them i want to try the body serum next waiting on them to send it to me for review ♥️♥️♥️♥️ but great products i want to try more brands….

  12. You have created many great contents. However, may I suggest dropping the words “So” and “Anyway”, if you want to convince your audience of your opinions. Keep up the good work.

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