Cosmetic dentist Dr. Sid Solomon shares an alternative to the common CPAP machine that is prescribed to millions of Americans to treat their sleep apnea. He shares that many people stop wearing their CPAP mask at night just after three weeks of wearing it. Dr. Solomon shares that they now know how your jaw needs to stay open forward to help treat sleep apnea using an elastic mandibular advancement (EMA) device that you can wear at night. Should you give this a try?

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42 Responses

  1. I was skinny and had sleep apnea. always snored. had to wear the same thing in the video years ago. went away.. find my self wearing it now that im older..

  2. The cpap takes about a month to get used too, I have gotten used to it and now cant sleep without. BUT! i dont want to use it anymore, it can irritate the nose leave marks on my bald head etc. I would love an alternative, I am not too over weight i could loose a few kilos and will but would like to try something different and affordable. Im now a single guys the do have concerns of meeting someone new and then putting the cpap on if you know what i mean. With the cpap though i do sleep straight through and i wake up feeling great. So kinda not sure what i can do about this

  3. They are trained to focus on the problem not the root of the problem. They talked a lot about the airway and how that mouth guard can open up the airway by move lower jaw and the tongue forward, but they don’t care why the tongue falls back and block the airway in the first place. I doubt that mouth guard is gonna work while your tongue is forced to move forward out of the palate. The lower jaw muscles will likely work against the device due to it tries to follow the tongue lead which is back into the palate.
    Mandible rests where the tongue is, while tongue cannot rest where the mandible is. Easy as that. I don’t know why most doctors make it so complicated.

  4. This device changed my bite to the extent I needed braces to correct my bite.
    It never changed my snoring or sleep apnea.
    Definitely not covered by insurance.
    Btw my BMI is 23.

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  7. I have one and it hurts my teeth and jaw so it’s hard to keep it in all night. I do sleep better with it in and I would say it does work. My wife says I normally move around all night long but when I wear the mouth piece I am still.

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  9. That mandibular advancement device completely changed my bite and my teeth no longer lined up after time and I had to get rid of it and get a CPAP and get Invisalign because I looked like a bulldog!

  10. I have it really bad its server my dr told me. I have trouble falling asleep. Right when i start dozing off my body jolts really hard nd my heart feels like its gana stop aslo my body get really shaky nd week. I had it bad the other night nd creeked my neck.

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  12. I’ll take advice from a doctor who specializes in sleep disorders and apnea not a dentist who is trying to sell his product. I discussed using a product like this with my doctor who specializes in sleep apnea and he said these type of products rarely work . Sleep apnea is no joke and can be deadly. My doctor was a pulmonologist.

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