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It can also be fitted with an optional water filter that Krups did not send out in addition to the evaluation system. I utilized filtered water from my refrigerator for my test brews. Michael Brown The bubbles in the milk froth are larger than perfect, however my technique may be more to blame than the espresso maker (and yes, I spoonedversus pouredthe froth over the coffee).

The maker can also execute two brew cycles in a row (grinding a fresh set of beans for each cycle) to either double those serving sizes for a single cup, or to brew 2 servings in different cups. The height-adjustable coffee outlets are close enough to pour into one cup or into 2 placed close together.

It can memorize 2 of your preferred brew settings (the amount, strength, and the number of cycles), and it has a monochrome LCD that operates in conjunction with a number of buttons on its front panel. The display shows numbers and somewhat inscrutable icons to notify you of settings and periodic maintenance requirements (you'll wish to keep the manual helpful to decipher the hieroglyphics).

Plastic drifts in the drip tray appear when that gets full, however I entered into the routine of disposing the tray each time I got rid of the utilized grounds. Michael Brown You'll want to leave some space behind the device so you can access the water tank without needing to turn the whole thing to take it on and off for refills.

A steam wand on the right-hand side of the appliance allows you to produce steamed milk and milk froth for a cappuccino, latte, macchiato, or comparable beverage. The EA815050 will produce steam for a maximum of 2 minutes, or you can shut down the function by hand when you have enough.

I had to tip my 4.5-inch-tall pitcher to dip the wand into the milk, and invariably spilled a few of the froth when I tipped it out again. On the bright side, the wand produced copious amounts of froth and raised the temperature of the milk to about 170 degrees. The wand is also easy to eliminate and clean.

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