Join Jennifer Dixon and Judson Ross for a quick review on a new household favorite, Original Hemp Energy CBD Capsules. If you love these reviews definitely subscribe to this channel!

These capsules were sent to us to sample for Thrive Hemp Store. We loved them so much they will be coming to our studio soon!

Until then, if you want to buy some, try this link:

Now, onto the review.
What You get in the bottle:
Original Hemp CBD Capsules comes in a glass bottle with 60 capsules for around $70
One dose is 25 mgs and includes two capsules.
Original Hemp uses vegetable capsules
VItamin B12
Green leaf Tea Extract
Co Q 10
L Tyrosine

Each suggested dose contains 50 mg of wonderful, life saving caffeine.

The 3rd party test results are available via QR code that is located on the box as well as via a website link. The 3rd party test results are super informative, with great transparency and offer information about microbial presence, total terpene and cannabinoid profiles and more.

This is a Full Spectrum product that is US grown and manufactured in a pharmaceutical-grade facility, helping to insure the quality of the product.

We both really liked the Original Hemp Energy Capsules and highly recommend using them. It's a great combination of CBD and energy!

Ya'll should check it out! Go to this link: (this is an affiliate link).


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