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Muscle spasms are a side effect of a spinal cord injury. We had the opportunity to test out CBD oil which many paraplegics and quadriplegics we know rave about for reducing muscle spasms. Craig tested the CBD oil twice daily to see whether it reduced his spams as well as to see if there were any side effects from using it. We also go through common questions about CBD such ‘as is it legal?', ‘does it make you high?' and ‘how does it taste?'.

Did CBD reduce Craigs spasms? – 08:52
Did Craig experience any side effects from taking CBD? – 09:39
Do we think it's worth trying CBD oil as a way of managing muscle spasms? – 10:18

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9 Responses

  1. Stay away from Baclofen, the body addiction is terrible and after some research coming off baclofen has to be done slowly as just stopping them after taking them for some time could be life threatening.

  2. 46 year T4 para myself and been a para for 40 years since knocked down age 6. Used to have bad spasms not long after accident. Got to around 13 and started smoking weed in early 80's. Obviously didn't know about weed back then and spasms, I quit smoking weed in my early 30's for 5 year and my god the spasms went from none existent to bad stomach spasms and some leg spasms (was other way round at young age) Weed certainly does work, I like Cannatonic low THC high CBD, CBD alone does nothing. Physio is also grate for spasms as well as masturbation, but a quick knock out is short lived in the reduction of spasms, just the loose floppyness for a bit. Currently on 6 baclofen a day, my body is addicted to them now after 40 years, can't go more than 12 hours without DT's kicking in and hard to breathe. Just to note I am a 90's x clubber and have tried most drugs out there and cannabis is the best for spasms reduction.

  3. I use Provocan 600mg moved up to the 1200mg….. C4/5 inc here, and it’s been really helpful for my spasms. When I was young I smoked weed ….it literally tastes like you’re chomping on a bag of weed

  4. Well done! I got mine about 20 years before and was scared to use it, gause it was forbidden that time. I put it away but didn't waste it. After my healthy was nearly gone l tried against my migraine: 2 drops, against not being able to sleep, 2 drops a night, and later for my new artificial knee joint: l rubbed four drops over my hnee. I didn't expect anything, medicaments don't work for me well normally. So l need too much until anything happens, IF something does! Ok, l tried and it worked so much and well! I could sleep, my migrain stopped and my knee found peace, first time! It doesn't work for all, but a lot of people can have benefit of it, really! I'm a nurse for over 32 years and l saw a lot!
    When l've more money, l'll buy the next!

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