Great deal on this cbd flower….check out a great cbd from a great company. It's for multiple purposes.

Stress Relief


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  1. Would you say the Ottos flavor description is accurate in that it has a fruity taste and is it smooth? im thinking about getting it. I really enjoyed the Wife flower, it was very smooth, not harsh at all.

  2. That was one gorgeous nug you held up for the camera! I just recently learned about Plain Jane, my first order from them will arrive tomorrow–7 gm. each of Sour Space Candy and Rogue. Unbelievably low prices compared to other sources online…..and so far almost every review I've read about their buds has been 4 to 5 stars. I can hardly wait for the mailman! Nice review by you as well–thanks!

  3. Thinking about ordering from Plain Jane, I haven’t smoked in years. So I would be looking for the lowest effects but good tasting. What would you recommend? Thanks

  4. Wow! The oatmeal cookies sound Awesome!!!
    I’ve noticed some of the CBD weed in a local store. At first sight, I thought it was the real deal. I’ve been using the oil. I’ll have to check the other kind out. Thank you for the info!! Take good care.✌️

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