Movement Library: Ring Tuck Roll-Up

Points of Performance:

1. Begin in a passive hang on the rings — But, still holding a tight body position!
2. Bend your knees and pull them vertically, towards your chest in a tucked position
3. Once your knees hit hip-height, engage the lats by pulling the rings down and forward, which will begin to close your shoulder angle, leaning your upper body backwards
4. Continue lifting the knees (using the core) and closing the shoulder angle (pulling down on the rings with the lats), rolling backwards
5. Once your back is parallel to the ground, pull your knees through your arms at the top of the rep
6. Hold the top position for a few seconds
7. When ready, re-trace your movement back down, keeping your arms straight and controlling the roll-down as much as possible, going as slow as possible — You don't want to give up and drop from the top, work all the way down!

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