Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. For some, the day means Champagne, chocolates, hearts and a special dinner out with a loved one. For others, it might mean celebrating love with girlfriends, or doing nothing at all. While there’s no wrong answer for how you celebrate (or don’t celebrate) this day of wine and roses, we encourage you to celebrate YOU this year. That’s right, it’s time for YOU to give yourself some more attention and dedicate time to loving yourself. So, how do you do that exactly? It’s the word of the moment: self-care. Specifically, CBD skin care as self care. And perhaps changing the way you do a few things…

Indulge in More Masks

Change your thought process around skin care. Instead of dreading having to take care of your skin as “another thing to do,” make it a more pleasant self-care experience. Applying a face mask is a great way to relax at home and it can even be meditative!

Start by cleansing your skin and really taking your time—at least 60 seconds—to massage your cleanser into your skin. Make sure to be thorough, going from hairline to ears and underneath your chin and jawline. After washing your cleanser off, you are now ready to apply your mask treatment. While your mask is “curing” on your face (follow the instructions on its packaging for how long to leave it on), take the time to do something else for yourself. Pour a beautiful cup of tea… or wine… or put your feet up!

KARIBO product recommendation: CBD Infused Face Mask. We are in love with our sheet mask, which boasts a Korean design, but is made in the USA. The soothing CBD, antioxidant rosemary flower extract and hydrating black licorice extract go to work, resulting in skin that looks softer and smoother. Just like all KARIBO products, this face mask is free of the bad stuff. It doesn’t contain any THC, sulfates, parabens, artificial colors and dyes, phthalates, GMOs, titanium dioxide, preservatives, formaldehyde-releasing agents, animal products or gluten.

Really Enjoy Applying Moisturizer

Recently, we watched a YouTube video of Liv Tyler applying her beauty products and felt so inspired. The actress, who is known for her gorgeous skin, has one incredible skin care routine. But what was really impressive was how much she enjoyed applying her products, particularly moisturizer. She took a lot of time to massage each hydrating product into her skin, and that is what we encourage you to do as well. So often we are rushing around, literally throwing on our skin care and moving onto the next task. For your Valentine’s Day (or any day) self-care, stop, massage, enjoy. Ya hear?

Get your face massage on with your CBD-infused moisturizer. Massaging your face, just like massaging your body, releases tension, increases circulation and more. A relaxed and well-hydrated face makes for a fresher, softer appearance. We dare say you will take a few years off if you do this regularly (many celebrities swear by their facial massages).

And now for a KARIBO skin care hack! Watch this helpful video of KARIBO Co-Founder Shana Lydle, explaining how she avoids dry skin and how she applies CBD infused moisturizer:

Take a Long Soak

Yep, the good old bath trick. There might not be anything that says self-care more than taking a bath. Dim the lights, light some candles, pour some essential oils or relaxing bath salts into a warm bath and just kick back. Let the warm water, scents and ambiance do its trick on your mind and body. Linger as long as it feels good or until the water cools and you’re ready to emerge.

KARIBO tip: Right after toweling off before your skin is completely dry, apply your moisturizing products. Ingredients like ceramide help lock in the moisture, offering softer, more hydrated skin for longer. KARIBO specializes in CBD-infused hydrating skin care products, such as our popular Facial Moisturizer and Moisturizing Cream, which can be used from head to toe.

Take sanctuary in your skin care as a self-care routine. It’s something you can do just for you. The very act of looking out for your skin is comforting and soothing by nature. Taking care of yourself is a vital step in loving yourself and feeling great every day. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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