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This video is in collaboration with Colleen Rothschild #ad. All opinions are my own and honest. I love using CBD Oil for aches and pains…so why not for skincare sensitivities. I have been using a Gua Sha tool for a few years now…this one is better than all of them…the wrist band makes it a must for those of us with arthritis in our wrist and fingers…

Colleen Rothschild Birthday Celebration SALE BDAY25 for 25% off
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Products Used:
Raidiant Cleansing Balm https://bit.ly/2ZXvGvC. ( one of the best )
Glycolic Acid Peel Pads with Blue Agave https://bit.ly/35YeZE9. ( SO happy I can use these again )
Face Oil #9 https://bit.ly/2VBjlNM
CBD Oil https://bit.ly/2ZZToHO ( I see another bottle in my future )
Gua She Beauty Tool https://bit.ly/3hUj3b0. ( superior to any I have used in the past )
Retinol Supreme Eye Serum https://bit.ly/2RRQEb3 ( so very good )
Extreme Recovery Cream https://bit.ly/35ZyHiQ ( LOVE this )

Things I am going to try from the Colleen Rothschild line: I have used and loved so many …I have not tried these.

Sheer Renewal Cream https://bit.ly/2RMgsoU
Retinol Supreme Oil https://bit.ly/3kyz5sK
Complete Eye Cream https://bit.ly/2VA59VkFollow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tammysagelessbeauty-102777434544304/
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ALL Discount CODES
Colleen Rothschild : https://bit.ly/2CJUhMc TAMMY20 code ( Not valid during CR Birthday Sale )


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Love you all…..Tammy


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  1. The Gua Sha tool was out of stock for most of this birthday sale…however, I contacted them and they do have an 'extended' code, I was able to use it today. it is EXTBDAY25. BTW, if you are interested in the CBD oil and tool, it is a better deal to buy the introductory offer which give you both for $95. Thank you Tammy—-bought my 25 year old daughter this tool as well. Will be in her stocking this Christmas.

  2. Thank you Tammy, I have always wanted a sensible and relatable guide to this tool. I’m getting puffy eyes and general inflammation and am hoping that this might help. I have a gorgeous rose quartz tool, and the first time I used it, I bruised my face!!

  3. You are a testament to the products you take the time to use everyday. You are beautiful even after removing your makeup on social media. I could never do that!!????

  4. Very interested in this process. Missed the sale because I watched the video a day late and the tool is out of stock. Hopefully she will offer us another code before the holidays. Thanks for the demonstration.

  5. You are so beautiful Tammy. You are my inspiration and always on my mind though I had been lost for 7 yrs I am so glad to find you again I feel like I am finally home. I always hear be kind be beautiful in ny head and use it so much in my life and made my life better. God knows I always think of you in that 7 years of not seing you.
    I am soooo happy.

  6. Hi Tammy….I really want this Gua She tool, however on the website it has been sold out. I wanted to get myself one and get one for my daughter for Christmas. Do you know if they will extend the sale or do a "rain check". I'll order it knowing I'll have to wait until restock. Thanks. Perfect timing—my daughter has been bugging me to do this for awhile!!!!!

  7. Went to order the stone and it’s sold out, Bummer! I was so excited to try this after watching your video. (They extended her sale by 1 day and the stone was back in stock.). I was able to get one and it arrived today!

  8. What about using oil ( say, coconut oil ), on the face / body while in the sauna? The intense heat would surely help the oil be better absorbed into the skin. What do you think Tammy?

  9. Hi Tammy! This is a great tutorial on the Guasha. It’s already sold out which is a bummer but I’ll wait for it to come back in. Can you please describe the amount of pressure you’re using? It is hard to tell.
    Thank you!

  10. Thank you, Tammy! Your videos are so informative and keep me motivated to work on my skin. Do you do this at night or in the morning? I love how you work on your face, you're awesome!
    Appreciate your videos 🙂

  11. I just love it when you show us new tools but Colleen Rothschild is out of the tool your showing us …durn it…I just got my order from her yesterday from the UPS alove all of the hair oils and mask or conditioner whichever I use it for….LOVE THE SMELL..
    OH…and I wished her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY XOXO

  12. do you get botox? My understanding as an esthetician is that this can dissolve your botox faster. You may not get botox but wanted people to be aware this can happen. You look absolutely amazing and i love your videos!!

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