Irrfan Khan's Wife Sutapa Sikdar Advocates for Legalising CBD Oil in India
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29 Responses

  1. In some country is legal , medical pain management will assess the symptoms before approval to use for patients n monitored by GPs. Cannabis oil is a popular natural remedy used for many common ailments

  2. Mrs Irfan not expected from you. People like you encourage for even worse thing…drug any even in medicine taken regularly is bad,so how can you justify it.
    Youth should discourage any artificial ways to increase their capabilities….if soldiers can on borders why can't you

  3. Irfan khan ki bahut respect hai hamare dil me aaj bhi.. ab is samay jab ncb aayi hui hai aur janch ki ja rahi hai to ye byan hume sochne par majboor karta hai ki Sutapa kis taraph se bol rahi hain?

  4. CBD oil is a treatment for cancer and only a DR can prescribe for this.My sister was battling with cancer 10 years and during her last days she took CBD oil so Sutapa I assume is wanting it legalised for cancer treatment…may e Irfan was prescribed this in his last days.
    People need to understand where she is coming from b4 trolling her.

  5. Our country where even educated so called high class film stars cannot act responsibly how can one expect the ordinary citizens not to mis use drugs like CBD oils

  6. Ya becoz she only killed Irrfan. I always think this becoz he was suffering from cancer and died of stomach infection . Magical lady. She always gelous of Irrfan becoz after Completing Delhi drama course she never seen success in her career like Irrfan sir. I hate her.

  7. Never!! It shouldn't be available for general public like paan supari cigarette otherwise it will prove very Dangerous.fake doctors will prescribe this to anyone for might have benefits but people like Rhea will use it to destroy others if it's sold out in open

  8. Yes it's legal in many countries soley for medicinal purpose to manage pain relief for terminal illnesses. It's NOT to be abused to get a high for a drug's habit!!!

  9. muslims below in comments are playing victim card…below favoring Sutapa..shows…how they are only secluded about their muslim appeasement or islamic agenda????????????
    Aur kisi cheez me yeh participate nahi karte Bharat ke…????????this is harsh reality of .. unfortunately..of…Our India….
    This shows they do not think them as Bhartiya Citizens. .or either they only favour ' muslim india politics'????????????????

    Anyway…Jai Hind ????

  10. Irfan khud lete thae…or Sutapa bhi…surely..unka chehra bahut badla lagta tha…tab to bhai marijuana weed bhi legal kardo..yeh humare pracchen shastra Sanatan Hindu shastro mein vaid tha..bharat mein…tab Sadhna.hoti karte the .. materialism kee se Spirituality kee aur yaatra karte thae…????????par aaj har tarah ka addiction ka internet ka Tv ka .sab sukh suvidha apne me nasha hai…kyunki vyakti Unconscious hai….✌???? Consciousness kee Sadhna karni padtee hai…????????✌????????????????????

  11. Every product seem to have advantage and disadvantage so how harmful or good it is we have seen in ssr case
    Late actor Irfan thou must b consuming might b prescribed by doctors but still lost his life ….

  12. Bolna nhi chahiyee..kya pta ….pati bhi lete honge…and khud bhi bangali h ho ske leti ho…iska beta b favour kr rha h…budhiya…ku desh brbad kr rhi..whi rh ja cbd le jo mn le

  13. आजकल बंगाली औरतों को ये क्या हो गया है? जया ,रिया और अब सुतपा! मुझे चिंता हो रही हैं बंगाली बाला ओ कों सादी करने मे बंगाली लड़के डरेंगे.

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