Natalie, who has bought a bottle of Cannabidiol (CBD) oil online, has a few questions she wants answering before she decides whether to take it. On this journey Natalie meets a hemp farmer, a scientist and tests the product at a laboratory.

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We BBC Stories, are a group of journalists making films, long and short, with the younger audience (18-24) in mind. The idea is to tackle issues which concern and impact this group of people. So think about anything from race and identity to mental health, money and much more.


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  1. She is like "I have anxiety and depression, and I take chemicals that screw me up even more, and no I won't take this natural product that can fix that all and make me healthier"

    Good luck!

  2. CBD is really amazing but for anxiety, energy, pain management and stress kratom is even better!
    I have tried every kind of kratom here in Indonesia and there is no question about it that the original wildly grown one is every way better than those farmed one´s and basically every kratom in the market is farmed one. Here is one local project called Borneo Energy that is sourcing only this wild grown kratom (and Tongkat Ali). It makes more work compared to harvesting it from the farms but this is more nature-friendly, because kratom farming is destroying some areas from the important rainforests. So with all reasons I recommend this one, can find it from

  3. I find this video to be disingenuous simply because the reporting over cautiously states they don't know enough about CBD to rule out the effects it has on the body, brain and how it interacts with prescribed medications and failed to indicate if they have yet found any of concern.
    This was just one UK researcher in one laboratory and the BBC either knowingly omitted the fact the extensive research into CBD has been conducted in many countries such as Israel for over two decades who have not found any long term irreversible adverse effects or the BBC researchers and reporters were not sufficiently knowledgable to report on a subject that could have a potentially positive life changing impact on individuals use of CBD by not only treating conditions successfully where other prescription pharmaceuticals have been prescribed that often require supplementary prescriptions to curtail the side effects of the original prescription. Studies do exist providing evidence where patients have actually reduced or successfully stopped the use of powerful prescription and harmful drugs through the use of CBD products.
    It is disheartening that THC is regarded as potential threat to health due to it's psycho active properties . Research has highlighted many benefits of THC and in low doses above the UK threshold have many benefits known as the entourage effect.
    On a more liberal note there is no difference between recreational use or medical use. If you consume higher THC strains of cannabis you get the enjoyable effect of any intoxicant such as alcohol and still receive the health benefits preferably though oral application as opposed to smoking although the legal oxymoron allows another psycho active substance alcohol to be perfectly legal and sociably acceptable despite decades of irrefutable evidence showing the negative effects in regards to human health the economic and social strain to society despite cannabis existing in human society approximately the same period of time as alcohol.

    UK farming could be given a life line and increase UK GDP if the whole plant could be utilised as the flowers and seeds also make one of natures single most highly nutritious food source. Hemp seeds provide the full omega spectrum and quality protein comparable to that of grass fed beef. The East Yorkshire farmer provides straw for just two of the 50,000 known different uses. In addition to this hemp sequesters as much carbon per acre in 1 crop cycle as 20 year old trees on the same acreage whilst simultaneously improving the soil for rotational crops.

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  5. I’ve been using various CBD products for over 5 years to treat anxiety, but the only one that really works is Mima Remedies. The full-spectrum oil from Mima Remedies has been a life-saver, and it’s actually affordable at $0.06/mg of CBD.

  6. The dumb part in all of this is thc is known to cure cancer. “Rick Simpson oil” it is known as. U r taking the thc out and only leaving in cbd. That’s like asking men to join the army and chopping their legs off saying we only need ur arms. Leave it in its natural form. It has its own benefits. Governments are run by dumb arses

  7. I had been using sertraline for 4 years and while it did help initially the effects wore off after a few months. I stayed taking it as I felt I needed to be taking something. Slowly my body became very fatigued and tired which made me not want to leave the house never mind the anxiety of leaving the house. About a year ago a friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer and in my research of cannabis oil, I also saw it could help with anxiety. I bought my first bottle a year ago (Dr. Hemp Me 10% CBD oil to be precise) and my whole life has completely changed. I am back working and more importantly socialising with friends. I do still get small amounts of anxiety sometimes but nothing that I cant power through. I have also been using the oil in conjunction with the Wim Hoff breathing method and cold showers and I urge others to try these methods before going down the route of prescribed medication.

  8. When the BBC, the high brand wants you to use CBD, then don't use them. They never want you to be a cure. I use organic coconut oil + green tea and it is a powerful natural herb.

    I know a man who cures his memory problems, just by taking coconut oil.

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