The revelations that are being made about the drug racket spread in #Bollywood are surprising. #NCB is continuously taking its action regarding this matter. In such a situation, the NCB has so far arrested many drug peddlers, and some have even sent summons for inquiries. The faces of many superstars are also being exposed in this drug case. In the same case, now #JayaSaha has also made many revelations during interrogation. In which Jaya took the name of #ShraddhaKapoor and even agreed to supply her the drug. Jaya has claimed that Shraddha Kapoor was taking #CBDOIL, Saha told in the investigation that for Shraddha Kapoor, he had ordered online and provided CBD oil. Please inform you that CBD oil is a drug which is banned in #India,

Any products originating from CBD in the country that contain more than 0.3 per cent THC content fall into the cannabis category and then become illegal under the NDPS Act.

It is worth noting that since the investigation on drug angle is being done, there has been much discussion about this CBD OIL. In such a situation, today we will know what is this CBD OIL and what are its advantages and disadvantages. Apart from this, we will know many more things about it.

The oil extracted from the cannabis plant is called CBDOIL. It contains 40% extract of OIL cannabis plant which can reduce chronic pain and mental stress as well as anxiety. The biological effects of this oil have not been decided so far.

CBD oil or cannabidiol first affects the brain. However, the clear reasons for its effect have not been revealed. Cannabidiol prevents the breakdown of chemicals in the brain, which affects state of mind, pain, and mental work.

Consider the benefits of CBD oil

It relieves pain. Actually, this oil is being used since 2900 BC so that the pain of the body can be reduced. Research has shown that CBU as well as Meruana has some components that heal pain.

This oil reduces #anxiety, and #depression, CBD is beneficial for oil body as well as mental health. It also helps reduce anxiety and depression. This oil is used in medicines to treat Anxiety and depression, but the thing to note is that its side-effects are many. Which can be seen as headache and sexual dysfunction as well as #irritability, #sleeplessness, CBD oil is helpful in reducing the symptoms associated with cancer. This oil can help in symptoms such as vomiting, nausea and pain during the treatment of cancer. It has been revealed in recent #Buddhism that it can also be very beneficial for the heart and circulatory system. This oil has a capacity to control #bloodpressure, which can prove to be good for the heart.

There are also disadvantages of CBD Oil, let's now consider the damage. Use of this oil can cause problems such as mouth dryness, #lowBP and drowsiness. In some patients, liver disturbances have also been observed. Those suffering from liver disease may need to use hemp oil in lower doses than healthy patients. Some initial research found that high doses of this oil in people with muscle disease can cause muscle tremors as well. According to the #WorldHealthOrganization, there are no signs of any side effects of CBD in humans, but you have to consider that most research in this regard is in the initial step. Through this, for the clear information related to any kind of treatment, please get knowledgeable or doctor's advice.

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