What is CBD Oil which Shraddha Kapoor use to have?? Check out the video

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  1. First of all I have a question to you and blind fools ssr fans. We're you all present their when she told that she consumes cbd oil to ncb? Or godimedia was present their? Did ncb told you all? Shit.
    Ncb is a designated investigating department and it will never disclose any investigation to anyone nor cbi.
    This is also for chats shown by them
    You cannot see whatsapp chats without mobile. Actresses haven't given their phone to media , they gave to ncb and ncb didn't told anything officially. Then how are they showing chats and statements given by them?
    The answer is all are fake.
    Please don't believe them.
    And to this page , you don't have to support anyone let the blind fools get intoxicated by media but you don't put any false post. Use your brain and if you want to make video to protect them then just spread my logic.

  2. बाप बूढ़ा हो गया है, उस से कुछ होता नहीं । सीबीडी तेल उसी के लिए मंगाया था।

  3. If.. Its using someone for mental health and its helpful too. Then where is the problem to taking this.. Whats the fault of shradha shushnt deepika.. Thts all drama.. Police just trying to hide the actul point ssr r reason of suicide.. Or murder.. And involving big star actress name to get maximum no. Of trp media attentiin thats it..

  4. Abey public ko kyu nhi dikh rha hai ki shraddha akele nhi hai chichore wale promotion party ke photos me ush ke sath puri chichore ki cate hai aur rhi baat cbd oil ki woh legally amazon aur koi bhi jagah pr sell ki ja rhi hai and it is used for medical reasons.

  5. I trust and support my dream girl my dream future wife is only one person @shraddhakapoor ji I trust and support my future wife @shraddhakapoor ji????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????❤❤❤

  6. Shraddha Kapoor to itni cruel hai. Shame on u. U don't know acting. By blaming Sushant don't think u r safe. Now Ur time starts. Sushant ko moksh Nahi Mila hai. He will take revenge. It's called Karma Ka Bhog.

  7. Guys, please do NOT blame Shraddha without knowing the facts. Here are the facts:

    1. Shraddha's chats are about CBD oil. This is a MEDICINAL product. It helps cure problems like inflammation, anxiety, joint paint, etc. (Google it). It is NOT a hard, addictive drug like cocaine, heroin, etc. Cannabis (bhang) is also used in Ayurveda to treat high BP!

    2. After Sushant's death, Shraddha preferred to go to his funeral (instead of just posting a condolence message on social media like other actors). She went to the funeral despite the coronavirus risk. She came earlier than everyone else and waited for a long time

    3. Shraddha Kapoor was also treated like an outsider by Bollywood, like Sushant was. How many times have you seen articles about her in the newspapers? The newspapers just keep promoting nepo kids like Alia, Ranbeer, Sonakshi, Sonam, etc.

    4. Just like Sushant, Shraddha also does not attend Bollywood parties. She also refused to come on Koffee with Karan, because she does not like his vulgar questions. In this day and age, can there be an actress who would do this?

    5. All Bollywood actors supported Rhea Chakraborty after her arrest, criticized Kangana Ranaut etc. Shraddha did not post such tweets. She wants justice for Sushant. In fact, Shraddha praised Kangana for her performance in Manikarnika.

    6. NCB has NOT given official statement that Shraddha said Sushant did drugs. Shraddha has also NOT given an official statement that Sushant did drugs. So how do you know if she said this?

    7. Media is saying "Sara and Shraddha told NCB that Sushant did drugs". Was it Sara or was it Shraddha? Don't forget that Sara was dating Sushant and DUMPED HIM after his movie Sonchiriya flopped. Some say, Kareena Kapoor told Sara not to date her first co-star, so she DUMPED Sushant.

    8. Shraddha has always helped those in need. She gave financial assistance to photographers who were not getting work due to coronavirus.

    Guys, please support Shraddha at this tough moment! Just like Sushant, she has no godfather in Bollywood! She has achieved everything by her hard work and love from her fans!

    P.S.: You can Google all these facts, if you think they are lies!

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