Simplest Taping Technique EVER for Plantar Fasciitis

This video is a part of a series of videos on how to treat Plantar Fasciitis on your own. Check out the full series of videos along with downloadable guide sheets for each video on our website here:

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  1. QUESTION? ideveloped a trigger finger a few years ago after using a power tool for a extented time. Last December 2020 i was diagnosed with Bells Palsy, This past summer while walking on my new treadmill I have either developed Plantar Fasciitis or Tarsal Tunnel syn. My Question is are these related and what can i do in a natural patheic way to fix it.

  2. My 12 year old son has very flat feet and hardly any calf muscle development. He also has restricted foot flexion and gets very bad plantar fasciitis. It's actually disabling him. I'm going to try and get these products here in UK to try on him.

  3. Another video says cover the ankle and go lengthways up to the toes….I trying both methods. See what works. First day today…

  4. Thank you so much, I was hopping in pain before I did the wrapping technique. Very wonderful, professional, an informative information presented with a warm friendly appeal

  5. Im sure Bob and Brad gonna yell at me but I have used Duct tape for this technique and it works good for me anyways…no stretch and sticky as F

  6. I know this method helps a lot . I have had it done. I continually get perineal tendinitis. Taping helps but how do I avoid it? I wear supposedly good orthotics. I go to the chiropractor 2x a month to weekly. HELP

  7. Those with irritation might can use skin prep first to place a barrier on the skin & prevent breakdown & irritation.

    Just make sure it’s 100% dry before applying any adhesives.

  8. Help! Highly allergic to adhesive tape! Seriously flat footed too!

    Orthotics don't seem to do anything for me.
    Broke my ankle years ago….30 years and haven't been able to walk right SINCE!
    Suggestions PLEASE!

  9. Bob and Brad, yall forgot to link the 2 tapes in the video description. Luckily I found the name of the tapes on your website. For anyone watching this who wants to know the tapes, it is 2"CoverRoll tape for the underneath part and the tape that goes on top is 1 1/2" Leukotape.

  10. Best intro ever! … in my opinion of course. I suffer from shin splints and plantar fasciitis, but I manage with proper stretching before hikes. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

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