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The effects I got from Persona Hemp Flower was very relaxing & mellow. I was very laid back as I edited this whole video & posted it on YouTube. Im sure I will have a great sleep also! Thanks again Persona Hemp for reaching out to me to do a review on your hemp flower!

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Disclaimer: Due to YouTube’s Community Guidelines & the contents of this video. Anyone under the age of 18 must exit the video. The contents of this video is for educational and entertainment purposes only. I am not encouraging the use nor sale of any products in this video. This is just my honest opinion & review. Thank You!

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43 Responses

  1. smoking cbd is ment to be rlly good for alot of the orgins and kidneys and its good for ur heart and more anyone can smoke it with kidney or heart problems u might think umm smoking it yeah its ok aswell its the same as oil just stay happy and smoke all u like u can not over dose or nun ! all safe its a healthy part of the weed plant so all safe if u smoke it aswell im here to give good info about it

  2. I just smoked a half gram of AC/DC “cbd” hemp weed from fern valley farms. Apparently has less than 0.3% thc. I kid you not it got me more smacked than I have gotten in a while. Someone has to try it so I know it’s not just me lol. It was pretty fire tho.

  3. I really like your videos and you just have to put a thumnail like a good one and i belive that you will then get the attentintion you deserve

  4. CBD flower lasts way longer than regular bud. It burns and burns but I seem to require a small amount and tolerance does not increase very strong body effects that'll satisfy any weed smoker's cravings

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