My mother had “Stage 7” dementia and now continues to do well after three months on large doses of CBD oil.
Things she can now do again…. Feeds Herself and eats good, talks well, socializes, watches her favorite shows, pays attention to whats going on around her, she can sit forward without help now and can put on her shirts and does her own personnel morning care with little help. This is a long way from where she was, stage 7 dementia people cannot do any of that! Thank God for CBD!


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  1. Not Cool! You made me tear up like a lil kid. I am 45 yrs old, what would People think if they seen me? Ok, stupid kidding aside, I am doing research for 2 people in my family. How many milligrams did you give her, and who did you get it from. It's hard trying to find actual good, tested, and is worth getting. Thank You for your time, and for the Video. I hope all is well in your family.

  2. Hey there hi, how’s your mom? She looks good in this video. Wanted to ask you a question about THC/CBD recently my grandfather was diagnosed with Dementia. He’s been restless aggressive has trouble talking wont sleep at night gets in & out of bed all night until it’s morning. Was wondering does your mom just take CBD or a combination of THC/CBD. If so how much & how often throughout the day. Thank you for this video tho. Bless you & your mom. Take care

  3. Hi my father was diagnosed with Dementia can you give me some instructions on what CBD oil to get how many milligrams and basically how to use it. He also takes other medications. Please advice

  4. Hi. Glad you are having positive results. I'm looking into CBD for my family; including my nephew who has autism, and my grandmother who has dementia / my mother who worries about future dementia. Please do keep us updated if you have positive results and thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you so much for posting these beautiful videos of your mom!! I just started selling CBD online and have been scouring the internet researching so I can be as educated as possible!! ????. It’s your documentation of your moms success with CBD that helps get us closer to our Natural Medicine!???? God bless you and keep posting! ????????

  6. She looks so much better in the latest videos. I'm glad she is back. We pray and hope she continue to improve and I believe she will. 🙂 If it wasn't for CBD oil, I have grave doubts she would be here today.

  7. Hello Colleen! Amazing Story , your Precious MaMa is vibrant , Bless Her and thanks to you for taking care of her. May I ask a few crutial questions:
     1) when was your mother diagnosed with stage 1 dementia ( what aproximate year before the stage 7 dementia ? )
     2) when was she considered Stage 7 dementa? was it november 2018?
     3) the CBD oil you are giving your mom ( the softgel, North Star CBD oil ) where are you getting this supply from? online or in person?
    4) how long she is been taken CBD oil north star softgels ?> was it since november when she was stage 7 dementia?
     5) I hope my questions might help the readers about this amazing story. God Bless!!

  8. Colleen* your Mom is adorable* so glad this is working for her. I pray for her every single day and will continue to pray for her. She looks amazing***

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