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In this review, we’re going to take a look at the suite of CBD products from Sunsoil. Made from organically farmed ingredients, these pills, capsules, and oils (oh my!) are designed to embody all the relaxing vibes of CBD. But do they actually, you know, work?

Well that’s what we’re here to find out. After testing all these products, I’m ready to give you the 411 on how they feel, how strong they are, and whether or not they’re worth your money. So, without further ado, let’s get into my full review!

Note: The content on Sleepopolis is meant to be informative in nature, but it shouldn’t be taken as medical advice, and it shouldn’t take the place of medical advice and supervision from a trained professional. Please talk to your healthcare professional before beginning any new supplement routine. If you feel you may be suffering from any sleep disorder or medical condition, please see your healthcare provider immediately.

Based out of Hardwick, VT, Sunsoil uses a “holistic, whole planet approach” to produce CBD products that are as good for the customer as they are for Mother Nature. And how does the brand accomplish this? By putting a special emphasis on ethical pricing, transparent operating procedures, and verifiable third-party lab testing.

As far as products are concerned, the company sells an array of different CBD goodies, from soft gel pills, to oil tinctures, hard capsules, and CBD-infused coconut oil. While these items differ in physical from, they’re all derived from USDA-certified organic hemp that’s free of pesticides and GMOs.

That's all for now, but please feel free to ask any questions you feel I didn't cover during the video in a comment below.

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39 Responses

  1. I, too, have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. If this helps you to fall asleep, but you wake up during the night, can you just take another drop to fall back asleep, or is that not a good idea? (I'm not familiar with how CBD works, but I need something to help me sleep!)

  2. My problem is staying asleep through the night so it does not sound like this would be much help in that regard. I suppose I could take some every time I woke up but not sure if that is the best idea LOL!

  3. I've not truly read any of the info of CBD oils before. I have trouble getting to sleep and have tried pills and they have always left me feeling bad the next day. It was promising to hear him say that's not the case with these oils. By what he said the oils even wore off by the middle of the night. This would be perfect for me though because I have trouble going to sleep, but once I'm asleep I stay asleep so these products might fit me just right. I would choose the oil rather than the capsules, pill or coconut cream because he said it works faster.

  4. I appreciate your informative review of CBD products. I currently use Chad oil for pulled arm muscle. It doesn't taste the best, but it does help along with warmth and gentle massage.

  5. I'm excited! This is a CBD I can actually bring with me to Japan. CBD is totally legal in Japan, but it has to have as little THC in it as possible. As someone who suffers from regular insomnia and anxiety, this is a godsend.

  6. This is a great video and lots of useful info for anyone looking for a natural way to ease into sleep but it doesnt last long enough for me and isnt worth the cost. I am hoping that these products can help someone out there get a restful sleep

  7. This may be one of CBD oil products with the good price. Choco mint flavor sounds yummy. I have no issues with falling asleep but I just cannot stay sleep until morning. So I would like to try something that keeps me sleep all night long. Interesting. Thanks for the honest review!

  8. I recently started using CBD oil and its been helping me sleep better but sometimes it makes me all foggy so i don’t take it every night. I rather have it in pill form too because i don’t like the taste of the oil. Great review and informative.????

  9. Oh wow the prices for the cbd is really amazing! There are some places charge an arm and a leg for it so seeing a more affordable option is amazing, I also have issues falling and staying asleep due to my brain going a mile a minute or body aches and pains keep waking me up so will definitely look into getting sunsoil cbd, might try the dropper liquid 😀

  10. Love that this product comes from Vermont because that's where I live. I would try this based on how you felt after you took it, even though it didn't make you sleep through the night maybe I'll have better luck.

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