For caregivers, I mention:
-Kava Kava
-Lemon Balm
-Passion flower
-St. John's Wort
-American ginseng

For Children:
-California poppy
-Decaf Green Tea


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  1. I have a hard time believing that real milk is bad for people of euro descent. Entire generations of eastern Europeans lived and drank milk almost dailly. My grandparents had their own cows as was customary for almost everyone in rural places and this has only been lost recently.

  2. I cannot tell you how glad I am that I found your channel!!! I am learning so much from you ♥️ I have dealt with stress and anxiety and depression for almost as long as i can remember and the last few years i have been trying to find natural remedies to help and some of these ideas i haven't even heard about! I am so glad to learn more natural remedies and health tips from you! You are such a blessing to me right now! I am binge watching all of your videos and they are all so fascinating and informative! Thank you so much Wendy! Sending love from Oregon USA ????????????

  3. Hi Wendy. My name is Kim and I think you ARE AWESOME! You have been blessed with fortitude and grit. Same thing really. I salute you in your everyday life for taking great care of your daughter Bree!! ❤️ A mother’s love for her children surpasses ALL understanding, especially if they have any issue that the world doesn’t see as ‘normal’. Whatever normal is…
    I also want to thank you tremendously for your sharing of the knowledge that you have attained over the years! Thank you for helping others with that knowledge. GOD BLESS YOU, BREE, and ALL those who have come to you extending their love and service!
    The natural remedies for anxiety and stress video you made…PRICELESS ????

  4. I have been on Zoloft since I was 15…I'm 38. Stopped zoloft last year and have lost 30 lbs. But my anxiety is through the roof and I've been looking for a natural supplement to try before I go back on meds…I'm going to try the ashwagandha. Thank you! I sit at home and cant do anything. I also have Lyme disease and severe arthritis and fibromyalgia so I have bad fatigue. Ashwagandha, rhodiola and st. John's seem like they would all help with my conditions. Should I take all 3 or is that too many. Which of the 3 would you reccomend more? And I will consult my Dr before I start but would like your recommendation please.

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