This is my review of the cbd strain called Suver Haze. This strain comes from “Black Tie CBD“.
I do not sell this product. I only review them. If you are under 18 please leave my channel. Cbd is legal in all 50 states thanks to the farm bill signed by President Trump.

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  1. suver haze is amazing… i got some from plain jane and it was only 28$ for a ounce of smalls… the nugs are just small nugs that came off larger nugs, and they are trimmed very good… the smell is amzing i love it

  2. Even the plants we call indica are cannabis sativa l. And indica and Ruderalis are said to be sub species but they are all the species cannabis sativa L. Hemp marijuana allat

  3. Taz . i have a question many have asked me. What is the .."smoothest smoking cbd flower " youve ever reviewed as someone with much experience in such things . what would you suggest that's not lung busting harsh . coughing hurts when you're old . i like cherry abacus dr ganja $79 an oz .. Its a smooth smoke ..smalls are great for blunts but probably not the smoothest u need a glass blunt no contamination

  4. I’m thinking of purchasing this one and I’m new to CBD (I only have the oil and I’ve had a CBD edible before) so I was a little scared when you said it was strong – this would be my first time smoking it so I don’t wanna kill myself. ???????? Any suggestions from Black Tie for first timers? A Indica strain if possible.

  5. You asked so I am highly recommending Black Tie's Sour Diesel. You like sativas and your a fan of the Sour Piney aftertaste. Then I think you will really enjoy this strain!

  6. I swear taz puttin the world onto cbd more than ever rn like I never expected me likin it as much as do fr like THANKYOU TAZ you a homie fr n love the vids they always to perfection n the vibes are always high man I love it

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