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The Krups EA815050 Vital Automatic Espresso Maker ($ 700) isn't all that wise. It doesn't power up and brew a cup of mud when the sun increases or send you a text after filling your cup. Heck, it doesn't even link to your home Wi-Fi network. But it nearly totally automates the production of delicious espresso, cappuccino, and yes, plain ol' joe.

Coffee brewed from freshly ground beans tastes much better since the vital oils in the coffee beans do not have time to vaporize as they do with pre-ground beans. Press the EA815050's start button and it will warm the needed quantity of water, spin up its burr mill, and pull down a measure of beans from its top-loading hopper.

The mill relies on the weight of the beans and gravity, which generates my number-one criticism of the maker. Krups recommends utilizing only medium-roast beans, since dark-roast beans tend to be more oily. Well, I tried medium roast and wasn't satisfied with the flavor the machine extracted from the beans.

Krups' user's handbook recommends that if you need to utilize dark-roast beans, you need to stir the beans prior to developing in order to separate them as the mill runs. Michael Brown The EA815050 produced a nice and thick crema when it prepared this cup of coffee (a double-cycle of 4.3-ounces brews).

The throat of the mill is sufficiently long that the spoon never ever reached its burrs, however I envision it would void the service warranty if it ever did. You can set the grinder to produce fine, medium, or coarse grounds. As soon as the beans are ground, they're tamped into a compact puck and injected with pressurized warm water (the EA815050's water pump produces 15 bars of air pressure) to extract your hot drink.

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