Serums, lotions, creams, gels…so many options, so little time (and, let’s face it, budget) to try them all. How are you to decide on the best moisturizers for your skin type? Let our beauty experts help. Here, we’ll break it down for you so you can find the best moisturizer—or combination of moisturizers—for your individual skin type and understand what to look for.


Serums come in different forms, such as oils and lotions. There are serums that are good for every skin type. They are typically used for targeting specific skin issues. For example, you might choose a serum with anti-aging ingredients to target fine lines and wrinkles. If sunspots are your biggest skin woe, then perhaps you’d want one with lightening vitamin C. There are also blemish-clearing serums that target acne and breakouts. Many serums contain antioxidants to help fight free radical damage. Consider them another layer of protection or nourishment for your skin beyond the hydration that your moisturizing lotion or cream possesses. Serums should be applied after cleansing and before your moisturizing lotion or cream and sunscreen.


There are many kinds of moisturizing lotions available for different skin types. Some work best for dry skin; others work best for oily skin. The key to finding the lotion that is best for your skin type is to look at the ingredient list. Oily skin should avoid pore-clogging ingredients such as mineral oil, petroleum and petrolatum. If you have oily skin, look for oil-free lotions that contain hyaluronic acid, a very hydrating yet lightweight moisturizer. Dry skin also does well with hyaluronic acid and can handle thicker emollients and essential fatty acids from shea butter or olive oil, for example, that will help lock in moisture.

No matter what skin type you have, if you want to keep your skin hydrated, look for face lotions that contain hyaluronic acid, which attracts water to the skin, or ceramide. Both of these ingredients help shield your skin from moisture loss by providing a protective barrier on the surface of the skin. KARIBO CBD Infused Facial Moisturizer actually works well for ALL skin types, including sensitive skin. It contains ceramide, in addition to antioxidant, hydrating and lightweight aloe and soothing broad-spectrum hemp oil.


Creams are thicker in consistency than lotions. A cream, as you might have guessed, is usually best for dry skin. It can also be great for “normal” skin. What’s normal skin, you ask? Good question. Normal skin can also be called combination skin—sometimes it’s dry in some places, sometimes it’s oily in others, but there’s no one real direction it leans in.

A great time to use a cream is before bed at night. After cleansing and exfoliating, slather it on and let it go to work on your skin while you sleep and your body regenerates its skin cells.

Don’t think of creams as always having a super-heavy consistency. There are lighter-weight creams that don’t feel greasy or leave a film on your skin. For instance, KARIBO CBD Infused Moisturizing Cream is a wonderful everyday cream that is non-greasy and absorbs quickly. It is more “hearty” than our facial moisturizer, but it also pairs ultra-hydrating ceramide and aloe with calming and restoring hemp-derived, broad-spectrum CBD. The multitasking cream helps to replenish the skin’s barrier, offering deep hydration and leaving skin smooth.

Gel Moisturizer

Gel moisturizers are great for acne-prone and oily skin types. They are also great for those looking for a matte finish without shine, or those looking for a lighter moisturizer in warmer seasons or humid climates. Use a gel moisturizer in your skin care routine after applying your serums and before applying sunscreen.

KARIBO CBD Infused Hydrating Gel is a water-based gel product that absorbs instantly with a silky application. This water gel formula includes calming and restoring hemp-derived, broad-spectrum CBD to help balance skin and hyaluronic acid, which draws in moisture, plumping fine lines and encouraging a youthful glow. While it works great for oily skin, we’ve found that it also makes for a fabulous layering product for normal and dry skin types. Use it first, then follow with a lotion or cream.

Make 2020 the year you find the best moisturizers for your skin type! We hope this guide helps explain the differences between the various moisturizing products for your skin.

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