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The terms ‘full spectrum', ‘broad spectrum', and ‘isolate' are often used in the Hemp CBD industry but many people remain confused as to what the difference actually is.

It's pretty simple…
Full spectrum extracts contain the CBD + all other compounds naturally present. Broad spectrum extracts contain the CBD + some other compounds naturally present. Isolate extracts contain only CBD + no other compounds naturally present.

This video breaks all that down into more detail in a simple way to help you really understand what others are talking about.


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  2. Started working at a smoke shop. Glad I saw this video to know the difference and truth be told this is really good quality. Thought you were talking infront of a camera set professionally with green screen in the back type of vibe. Nice work.

  3. I love my job and I just purchased my FIRST cbd product called HempBombs which is said to have 0% thc. Am I safe to consume this product? IT is a ejuice. If i can fail a drug test i'll toss it in the trash can like AS SOON AS YOU REPLY. I do "feel" the effects…75mg bottle.

  4. I loved this video. I am studying this topic and have Aphasia, stroke victim, and was looking for the three differences. I wanted to share with my son. I searched full spectrum as it was the only one I could remember and they gave me you. APHASIA is the result of Multiple Mini Strokes brought on from side effects of Pharmaceuticals. I was introduced to the use of Medical Marijuana. That was 5 years ago. It changed my life and now I want to share it with others who have no hope from these horrible side affects.
    APHASIA results in massive memory loss, mine is in Brain Fog and Eye Fog but also WORD LOSS. I have .been experimenting with different strains to see which ones enables healing to these particular areas. Anyway, just wanted to say Hi and thanks for the video.

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