Can weed improve your sex life? Reduce pain? Ease anxiety? Save your life?
Dr. Joseph Rosado makes the massive case for cannabis.
A pioneer in the medical community and trusted expert on the benefits of cannabis, Dr. Rosado talks with JB about how to use weed to optimize multiple areas of your life.
The Wolf discusses some of his experiences with the drug (Spoiler Alert: Not great!)…and together, they discuss how cannabis can help you with specific health issues, improve performance, aid in recovery, and so much more.
Dr. Rosado is regarded as a foremost leader on medical marijuana, and known for his groundbreaking insights, guidance, education, inspiration, and motivation regarding the drug. He was one of the first doctors in the Southeast to recommend cannabis to his patients as a natural alternative to traditional medicine.
Fast Fact: According to Forbes, medical marijuana sales are projected to top $13 billion in 2020.
As a consultant, Dr. Rosado proudly shares his vast knowledge of cannabis and its effects with Police Agencies, Community Groups, and Medical Associations.
His book: “Hope and Healing: The Case for Cannabis” is available now.

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9 Responses

  1. When I was a teen, weed was rare as rocking horse ???? shit ???? we had solid resin, like black rocky, red seal, slate etc.

    These days skunk ruins people. So strong. In England there is done good weed, I gave up 20 years ago.

  2. Jordan, I hope you read your comments, but I think you should 100% reach out to Jordan B Peterson and invite him on to your podcast. I listened to your conversation with Tommy Chong, and was amazed by the questions you were asking him, and your ability to maintain a conversation around specific topics all while being flexible to your unique guests. The thing is, Chong doesn’t come close to your intelligence, and i just know that a conversation for 2 hours with Jordan Peterson would be such a worthwhile and valuable experience for so many, not even considering how many new people it would bring to your channel. I think it’s great that you’re doing what you’re doing today, and I want you to know you have earned my respect, and have motivated me to become better in many ways. Keep being you bro!

  3. To anyone that actually cares look up cbd grape fruit comparing OK. To anyone taking Any and I Mean Any meds do not take cbd by it self with any other med. It's dangerous on Many levels and can cause disease and many probs. Don't even listen to me about cannabis ok. Google Endocannabinoid system Learn how those cb1 and cb2 receptors are a form of a neuron receptor. So neurons. Neurons are the building block of the brain but are through out the body also. You're every perception, thought and behavior can always be traced back to the neuron. At their most basic level they are just cells they have cell bodies, which contain a single nucleus and other basic cell guts but unlike the cells found in our body they are built on communication. So projecting from one end of the neuron to the other is a tentacle called an Axon it's only purpose to transmitt messages like a phone cable. The other end of the neuron has branches called dendrites, they recieve the messages from the axon. All neurons share basic properties, but otherwise there's a wide variety of cells all through our bodies. a cannabinoid receptor which these are like neuron receptors but work like this the compounds in cannabis are so unique that our Bodies are actually made to only recieve in these receptors cannabis compounds like the receptor being a lock and compounds being the key. But the right compounds do not find right receptors that easy if u are moronic and think u can take any compound out. With all the compounds when u unlock you're ecs in the brain and central nervous system and skin all at same time Correctly the body can do miracles cause it can uptake natural nutrients more correctly and then guess what it can heal itself. Our Lord Jesus knew this. He used kaneh- bosm in his healing oil as do I. God bless

  4. Again I'll reiterate CBD alone can do way more harm than good. If you're supposed doctor knew cannabis he would understand it only works well with all compounds now I can take u through the long science lesson but I gotta eat dinner and u all seem to only want to make money off cbd not actually help ppl with this mmmmmiracle plant
    Kaneh-bosm put in the search bar here on yt. Even our Lord Jesus showed us he knew how unreal cannabis can heal done the right way. Also the holy way not for money. God bless have great night Jordan.

  5. Damn kinda disappointed the wolf would have on his show such a misinformed person. Can see right to the awful sales pitch. I'll say this God put all those compounds in one plant for a reason. This guy doesn't even know the science of cannabis this was rough to watch wolf.

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