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  1. I swear by that black sugar and charcoal mask. I use it every other day in the shower. Be careful with sugar based products though, they can cause yeast overgrowth (thrush and peorial dermatitis around the mouth) if you don't keep your ph balanced and watch what you eat (beer drinking or using antibiotics + sugar products = overgrowth)

  2. I feel like everybody’s skin is different, so different products work for different people! I agree with a lot just not the make up thing! Because as long as u don’t sleep in your make up and clean your sling before bed, you will be ok

  3. The products that work for one person aren't going to work for everyone. She stated she has dry skin. How some of those products aren't making that worse is beyond me, however if it's working for her, great. Except the neosporin. Doctors suggest people avoid it for a scratch on their finger, much less on your face. ????‍♀️ Aquaphor is a much safer alternative. BUT NOT ON YOUR FACE. Use products designed for your face on your face smh.
    I followed the link here thinking it was for a product with tea tree IN it. It's a great product, decently priced on Amazon. It has the tea tree and salicylic acid she spoke of in it, as well as niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and retinol. All fantastic products for your skin, designed for your FACE. Hope it can help someone still struggling with acne. It helped me. Also, check out Cassandra Bankson, James Welsh another Hyram, all here on fb. They saved my skin. ❤️

  4. Also everyone needs to see an aesthetician to figure out what type of skin you do have because one persons skin routine is a custom skin routine for them it would not work for you if you have a whole other skin type

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